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Planning Application Validation Checklist


In accordance with Government Guidance the Local Requirements for the validation of different types of Planning Applications has been reviewed.

Following the review of the original lists consultation was undertaken and further changes made. These changes to the local list ensure compliance with best practice and only require those matters that are necessary to validate an application. The list signposts where further information on each element can be found and in particular cases identifies the threshold where information would be required.

The validation checklists have been applied to applications registered since December 31st 2010 and have been updated individually following further consultation with Agents and Developers or amended as a result of changes to Planning Legislation .

The current validation checklist can be viewed by selecting the required individual application form from the Planning Application forms page.

Different types of planning applications require different kinds of background information in order for us to validate and process them.

Applying for permission sometimes requires you to supply a variety of plans, statements and other documentation before we can begin to process it as a valid application.

If you do not provide this information then we cannot validate your application and will be unable to process it and issue a decision on your proposals.

Due to the complex nature of planning laws and regulations certain applications may not always require the same background information as others.

As a result, each form (available in both our Pack Finder and Planning Application Forms pages) is accompanied with a validation checklist. Please ensure that you include with your application all the listed items. If you feel that you are unable to supply all the requested information or it isn't appropriate to the application, please contact us.

The terminology used in our Local Lists is based upon the Government's Guidance for Local Planning Authorities published in January 2008. This is available for download by clicking on the link on the right of the screen. Copies of the Local Lists is also available by clicking on the link on the right of the screen.

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