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Navitus Bay Wind Park

For the latest news on the Navitus Bay Wind Park please go to the Latest News page - updated 24/09/14

Navitus Bay Wind Park: Update on timing of next stage of consultation

Navitus Bay Development Limited (Navitus Bay), the joint venture behind the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park, has announced today that it has decided to put back the third round of public consultation, (originally scheduled for November 2012)  to February 2013.

The decision to reschedule the next stage of consultation reflects the high level of attendance and feedback that Navitus Bay received from the local community at the second round of consultation earlier this year. To ensure that the community and technical feedback is given the due consideration it deserves, Navitus Bay has decided to allocate additional time and resources to fully explore the comments received and how they can be accommodated into the proposals, taking into account the complex technical and environmental constraints on the project.

The extra time will enable additional work to:

  • Commission 35 new viewpoints, including 15 daytime photomontages showing how the Wind Park will look from locations including Durlston Head, Swanage Seafront and Weymouth Beach;

  • Produce an interactive computer-generated 3D visualisation of the site and cable route;

  • Conduct surveys of approximately 400 businesses across the south coast to better understand their customers and the motivation of tourists visiting the area; and

  • Undertake further surveys of marine mammals off Durlston Head.

In the meantime, Navitus Bay will continue to meet and engage constructively with consultees and stakeholder groups from the local community and will provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of how the proposals have evolved in response to public feedback in the new year.

If you do have any queries regarding the consultation or the project, please contact the Navitus Bay Project Team on their community line 0800 008 6763 or via the Navitus Bay website.

Information about the Scheme

The proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park is defined as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) under criteria set out within the Planning Act 2008 (Part 3 (15, (2)). A Development Consent Order (DCO) will therefore be required to, authorise the Project, the application for which made to the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) (or its proposed successor, the Major Infrastructure Projects Unit (MIPU)). The IPC will make decisions on infrastructure projects based upon infrastructure proposals on the basis of evaluating applications using criteria on national needs, benefits and impacts as set out in the National Policy Statements (NPSs). 

Under the Planning Act 2008 (Sections 42 and 47) there is a duty placed on the developer to consult with relevant organisations, local authorities, parties with an interest in the land, and local communities. Eneco is currently consulting with these groups and will also be commencing a programme of community consultation as set out in the Statement of Community Consultation (SOCC). Preliminary Environmental Information (PEI), will support the consultation processes proposed in the SOCC.  PEI will be presented to inform consultees of the nature, scale, and location of the Project  and in particular explain the environmental information available to Eneco to date, so that consultees can make an informed judgement on the potential for environmental effects arising
from the Project.

Eneco has recently completed a scoping request to ask IPC to define the content of the Environmental Statement (ES) that will be supplied as part of the DCO application, and which will inform the process of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) required by the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2009. The Project design process is iterative, drawing on the technical, economic and environmental information that will together determine the description of the development for which the DCO will be sought.  The consultation process enables information on the potential for effects and impacts on the environment to be gathered from consultees and third parties, including members of the public. The information in this report  represents the most accurate information available at the current time, based on up to date desk top research and a number of original field surveys. As more information on the potential environmental effects of the Project becomes available it will be assessed, made available at public and community consultation events (including exhibitions and meetings) and the likely significant environmental effects will be identified and assessed in the ES to be submitted with the application for the DCO in accordance with the Regulations.

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Proposed Consultation under Section 42 of the Planning Act 2008

Commencing 18th June 2012

Under Section 42 of the Planning Act 2008, Regulation 3 and Schedule 1 of the Infrastructure Planning (Applications: Prescribed Forms and Procedure)  Regulations 2009, Navitus Bay Development Limited is required to undertake consultation with a prescribed list of statutory consultees, local authorities and with those who have an interest in the land affected by the application.

Navitus Bay Development Limited has notified the Council of its intention to commence the first stage of its Section 42 Consultation and is currently compiling the information that it wishes to consult on.

As statutory consultees, the Borough of Poole is required to provide comments to the developer within a defined time.  We have received a Consultation Statement pack comprising detailed Preliminary Environmental Information (PEI) and Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology together with a Non-Technical Summary of the PEI.  We have 42 calendar days to comment on the information provided.  Comments must be received by the developer by 30th July 2012.  

The documentation referred to is available to view electronically from the download area on the right. The Non-Technical Summary is available from the reception of Planning & Regeneration Services, Borough of Poole. Full copies of the documentation have also been made available at selected locations, details of which are listed at Appendix G within the consultation document.

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Location for onshore underground cable route revealed

Navitus Bay has revealed the location for the onshore underground cable route that would transfer power generated offshore from the proposed Navitus Bay offshore Wind Park into the national grid. The proposed wind park would generate enough clean energy to power up to 820,000 homes.*

The 35km underground route is proposed to run from the landfall point at Taddiford Gap, between Barton-on-Sea and Milford-on-Sea, to one of two substation locations close to West Moors and Three Legged Cross, near the Mannington grid connection. A PDF of the route is available here. The two potential substation sites are being reviewed and the chosen site will be unveiled at public exhibitions in the autumn 2012. The dates of these public exhibitions will be publicised on the Navitus Bay website in advance.

The developers have evaluated the nature of the area, its environmental and engineering constraints and our specific technical requirements, and have consulted with landowners, relevant local authorities – New Forest District Council, New Forest National Park Authority, East Dorset District Council, Christchurch Borough Council and both Hampshire and Dorset County Councils. Statutory nature conservation bodies Natural England and the Environment Agency have also been consulted about the proposals. They believe that the route they have chosen is the best possible option, avoiding sensitive sites and minimising  environmental impact of the works.

The route would consist of cable circuits buried underground by opening individual trenches and laying cables, with a voltage nominally up to 275kV, either directly into the ground or into ducts at a depth of approximately 1.5m. When construction is complete, the trenches would be returned to their original state allowing access and farming to resume. In some cases the cables may be drilled underground.

The final design of Navitus Bay Wind Park will be determined only after comprehensive consultation with the public and relevant organisations throughout the formal consultation period of the project. This will last until the end of 2013.

If you would like more information about the cable route, future public exhibitions or the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park, please visit the website at www.navitusbaywindpark.co.uk. Alternatively, you can contact them at either of the addresses below.

By post to: Navitus Bay, 3 Athena Court, Athena Drive, Tachbrook Park, Warwick CV34 6RT.

Or by email to: info@navitusbay.com  

* As per RenewableUK calculations. Details about the calculations can be found at the following link: http://www.bwea.com/edu/calcs.html   

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Application for Navitus Bay offshore meteorological mast approved

The marine licence application for a meteorological mast to be erected close to the proposed Navitus Bay wind park development area has been approved by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO). The meteorological mast will collect reliable and representative wind data, which will be used to inform the design of the wind farm and provide estimates of the energy it could produce.

The meteorological mast will be a temporary lattice structure, approximately 100 metres in height and located approximately eight miles from the Swanage and Bournemouth coastline. Construction of the mast is set to begin late 2012, and will take approximately one month to complete. The structure will be removed once all the relevant data has been gathered.

Chris Sherrington, Project Director for Navitus Bay Development Limited, says "The approval of the meteorological mast application is an important milestone for the project and will help us gather more important data to support the planning application. It will also help us ensure that we can maximise the amount of clean energy which the wind park could create. Currently we estimate that we could generate enough energy to power up to 820,000 homes".

"Alongside our consultation with the MMO, and local authorities, we are continuing to talk to Trinity House, the Marine Coastguard Agency (MCA) as well as local sailing and yachting clubs. This is part of the Navigational Safety Risk Assessment and will feed into the final Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which we are currently undertaking."

Navitus Bay Development Limited plans to submit a Development Consent Order (the wind park's planning application) to the Planning Inspectorate at the end of 2013.

For further information about the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park, contact the Navitus Bay Press Office on 0845 604 6730 or navitusbay@mistral-pr.co.uk

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