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Town Centre North Area Action Plan

The Town Centre North Area Action Plan is no longer being pursued as a vehicle for delivering the aspirations for this part of the Town Centre as established in Core Strategy policy PCS12. Instead the Council will work with the owners of the Dolphin Shopping Centre and other stakeholders to progress the towns ambitions for this important regeneration project.

The Council has produced a prospectus which sets out its ambitions for Town Centre North explaining  the background, obstacles, objectives and deliverables for this area. The work that went into progressing the Area Action Plan for Town Centre North provides the context for the prospectus and together with the Core Strategy provides the current planning and development position.

Before its abandonment the Area Action Plan had been through the following stages:

Initial Options Consultation

The Initial Options Consultation (April - May 2006) set out 6 possible options for the regeneration of the Town Centre North area and was accompanied by a Sustainability Appraisal. The 6 week consultation consisted of a stakeholder workshop and walkabout tours with all written representations also available to view. An early stakeholder workshop was held in December 2005 followed by a further workshop with the Poole Youth Forum in January 2006.

Preferred Options Consultation

The Preferred Options Consultation (October - November 2006) set out a framework for the regeneration of the area to the east of the Dolphin Centre including the Sainsbury's site, Kingland Road Car Park, former NCP Car Park and Kingland Road Area. A walkabout tour was also carried out in November as part of the consultation. Individuals and organisations responded to the consultation making 427 different comments on various aspects of the Preferred Options with 17 representations made regarding the Sustainability Appraisal

Town Centre North Design Audit 

This audit drew on an assessment of the central area of Poole, originally undertaken in 2000 and forming Volume I of the Council's Central Area Masterplan Supplementary Planning Guidance at the time. It provided an assessment of the urban design characteristics of the Town Centre North area and drew on feedback from the first stakeholders workshop and walkabout tours held in December 2005. It was used as background evidence to prepare the Town Centre North Area Action Plan.

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