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Your Borough Of Poole

Submission Document


On the 2nd August 2011, the Borough of Poole submitted the Poole Site Specific Allocations and Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (DPD), Proposals Map, Sustainability Appraisal Report and accompanying information (including the Core Documents evidence base) to the Secretary of State as required by Regulation 30 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2008.

The Site Specific Allocations and Development Management Policies DPD sets out the policies for sites and areas that will contribute to meeting Poole's housing, employment and other development needs that will help deliver the spatial vision, strategic objectives and key outcomes of Poole's Core Strategy (adopted 2009), over the period to 2026.

The DPD also contains a suite of new Development Management policies that have been developed following a review of 'saved' policies contained in the Poole Local Plan First Alteration 2004, and that will be used in conjunction with Core Strategy policies to assess and determine future planning applications for development. These policies have been developed to accord with, and contribute towards, the delivery of shared priorities, aims and outcomes in the Sustainable Communities Strategy (2006-2012) and the Council's priorities set out in Poole's Corporate Strategy 'Striving for Excellence' (2010).


The DPD is one of a suite of planning documents that make up Poole's Local Development Framework (LDF). The Core Strategy is central to the LDF providing the overarching spatial strategy for the Borough.

Following initial evidence gathering, which began in 2006, this DPD has been subject to public consultation at the following stages:- 

Responses to these stages of consultation have helped to inform the development of policies that have been included in the Submission document.


The Submission document, Online Proposals Map, Sustainability Appraisal Report and supporting documents can be viewed to the right. The Core Documents evidence base can be viewed here

Paper versions of the all the Submission documents and supporting Core Documents evidence base are available to view at the reception desk of Planning and Regeneration Services at the Civic Centre.

The Council offices are open between 08:30 and 17:15 Monday to Thursday and 08:30 to 16:45 on Fridays.

The Submission document, Proposals Map and Sustainability Appraisal Report are also available to view at all Poole Libraries - view opening times here.

What Happens Next?

The Planning Inspectorate will appoint a Planning Inspector who will hold an independent Examination in Public (EiP) into the Poole Site Specific Allocations and Development Management Policies DPD at a date to be advised.

Following the EiP, the appointed Planning Inspector will publish a Report containing recommendations on changes to the DPD that will be binding on the Authority. Once amended the Borough of Poole will seek to formally adopt the DPD.