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Your Borough Of Poole

Bournemouth & Poole Housing Market Area - Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)


As part of a government-led programme, all Councils are required to assess the amount of land available for housing development and produce a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). Assessments will provide the evidence base to support the delivery of sufficient land to meet the community's need for more homes by ensuring the managed delivery of sufficient land for housing.

Joint working across Dorset

The national Practice Guidance for SHLAA recommends that assessments be completed for whole Housing Market Areas (HMAs). All councils in the Bournemouth and Poole HMA (Bournemouth Borough, Christchurch Borough, East Dorset District, North Dorset District, Borough of Poole and Purbeck District councils, with support from Dorset County Council) have therefore agreed to work together to produce separate assessments under a common methodology. The HMA report dated July 2009 can be viewed in the PDF opposite, following the methodology and its first revision (March 2010). All local authorities in the Bournemouth & Poole HMA have completed recent assessments and the results are available on their respective website.

Borough of Poole SHLAA

Production on the Borough of Poole's SHLAA began in October 2007. The production of the Council's Assessment in 2007/08 was overseen by a Panel of local stakeholders which met on four occasions during the evidence gathering and production stages of the assessment. National policy requires that every local authority update the SHLAA on an annual basis to maintain a current supply of potential housing land. The Borough’s 2008 SHLAA report, along with the annual updates from 2010 onwards, can be accessed from the downloads column on this page.

Submission of New Sites

As the SHLAA will be updated annually, the Council continues to welcome the submission of land, which will be considered as part of the assessment. If you would like to submit a site, please complete the 'SHLAA 2' Form (see right) and return to the address below. SHLAA 1 forms can be submitted for sites that already have planning permission. Submitted sites will be assessed annually or when it is deemed necessary to comprehensively review the Council's SHLAA.