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Delivering Poole's Infrastructure Development Plan Document


The purpose of the Delivering Poole's Infrastructure DPD is to identify the necessary infrastructure and delivery mechanisms required to support Poole's strategic spatial development objectives set out in the adopted Core Strategy.


The Pre-submission DPD sets out a planning policy framework to define development's role in delivering infrastructure required to accommodate growth.

The Pre-submission DPD is supported by an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which identifies Poole's infrastructure priorities, the costs, funding sources, the delivery agencies and implications on non-delivery.

Once adopted, the DPD and supporting IDP will provide the platform for the Borough to introduce the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to replace the Council's existing guidance on planning obligations. Once adopted CIL will be the principal mechanism from which development makes an appropriate contribution towards the delivery of infrastructure priorities such as transport, Heathlands, open space, education, flood risk mitigation, public realm & community facilities infrastructure.

This DPD has been subject to public consultation at the following stages

Responses to these consultations have helped inform the policies that form part of this pre-submission public participation.

Purpose of this stage of public participation

At this stage of the LDF process, the Borough of Poole is seeking representations in respect of the tests of soundness set out in Planning Policy Statement 12: Local Spatial Planning.

In order to meet the tests of soundness, a DPD should be JUSTIFIED, EFFECTIVE and consistent with NATIONAL POLICY.

"Justified" means that the document must be:-

  • Founded on a robust and credible evidence base
  • The most appropriate strategy when considered against the reasonable alternatives

"Effective" means that the document must be:-

  • Deliverable;
  • Flexible; and
  • Able to be monitored

How to make representations

The representations period for the Delivering Poole's Infrastructure DPD runs from Monday 4th April to Friday 27th May 2011. Representations must be submitted using any of the following methods:


The Site Specific Allocations & Development Management Policies DPD can be viewed and commented upon at http://poole-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal 

Email:  planning@poole.gov.uk

By post:                      

Planning Policy & Implementation, Planning and Regeneration and Building Consultancy Services, Civic Centre, Poole, Dorset, BH15 2RU

Further information on how to make representations is set out in the Statement of Representations, which can be downloaded as a PDF here

    • The Delivering Poole's Infrastructure DPD can be here

    • The Poole's Infrastructure Delivery Plan can be here

    • The Sustainability Appraisal can be here

    • The Habitats Regulations Assessment can be here

A paper version of the consultation documents can be viewed at:

  • any Borough of Poole Library (view opening times here)

  • Planning & Regeneration Services including Building Consultancy, 2nd Floor, the Civic Centre, Poole BH15 2RU.

You can email your comments to planning@poole.gov.uk

To find out more details, contact Nick Perrins, Senior Planning Officer on 01202 6333323 or email n.perrins@poole.gov.uk

Post comments to Nick Perrins, Senior Planning Officer, Planning Policy and  Implementation and Building Consultancy Services, Civic Centre, Poole, Dorset BH15 2RU.

Future Notification

Representations may be accompanied by a request to be notified at a specified address of any of the following stages:

    • Submission of the DPD for independent examination;

    • The publication of the recommendations of any person appointed to carry out an independent examination of the DPD;

    • The adoption of the DPD.

What happens next?

The representations received will be used to revise the plan, its policies and accompanying documentation as necessary to ensure it meets the tests of soundness set out in PPS12. The plan will then be submitted for independent Examination in Public currently scheduled for December 2011, with adoption anticipated in spring 2012.