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Your Borough Of Poole

Infrastructure Development Plan

Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 enables local planning authorities to enter into legally binding agreement with developers to ensure that certain planning obligations are met by the developer. Typically negotiations are around provision of affordable housing on larger housing proposals, transport infrastructure improvements and the provision of play spaces and other leisure infrastructure. The Planning Obligations Development Plan Document will review the way the Borough of Poole currently negotiates for planning obligations. It will look at whether obligations need to be broadened to take account of changing needs in terms of health, education and other priorities in Poole's Sustainable Community Strategy. It will also consider how future contributions should be sought in light of the government's introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy.

The timetable for the Infrastructure Development Plan Document is set out below:

  • Issues and Options – 10th April - 22nd May 2008 – Consultation on a range of issues, responses will be used to inform the Preferred Options.
  • Preferred Options – August 2010 – Consultation on Preferred Options
  • Formal Pre-Submission Consultation - April 2011
  • Submission Document – Summer 2011 – Planning Obligations Development Plan Document submitted to Secretary of State
  • Public Examination – 17th November 2011
  • Inspector's Report - January 2012
  • Adoption – Spring 2012