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Your Borough Of Poole

Planning Policy

Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

The Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum has prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan which sets out a number of policies to address local issues in respect of housing, shopping and services, community facilities, employment and open spaces.

Public consultation on the draft Plan commences on Monday 1st June and closes on Wednesday 15th July 2015.

Further details of the consultation and access to an online questionnaire are available here.

New Heathland Contribution

A new planning contribution comes into effect from 8th April 2015. The contribution will be payable on all residential planning applications where there is a net increase in dwellings. The charge will be collected as part of the overall Dorset Heathland Planning Framework Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy. The charge will be put toward funding Strategic Access Management and Monitoring, this is the non infrastructure element of the strategy. Details of the contribution can be found here.

Poole Core Strategy Review Issues and Options Consultation: 16th February - 31st March 2015

We are reviewing the Poole Core Strategy (2009), a plan that sets out the strategic vision for the amount and location of new development in the Borough to 2026. Over the past two years we have been gathering evidence to assess how the Core Strategy policies have performed and have sought the views of local organisations and the public on the key issues we should explore. We now seek your views on the issues that we have identified and options for how we accommodate future housing, shopping and employment needs to 2031. We welcome your views upon the following documents:

A hard copy of the consultation document is available from Planning reception at the Civic Centre or at any of Poole’s libraries.

The quickest and most effective way to respond to this consultation is by completing the online survey by Tuesday 31st March 2015.

Comments can also be submitted by email to planning@poole.gov.uk with ‘Poole Core Strategy Review’ in the subject box. Postal submissions can also be sent to: Planning Policy & Implementation, Planning and Regeneration Services including Building Consultancy, Borough of Poole, Civic Centre, Poole BH15 2RU

You are also welcome to come along to one of our drop in exhibitions to discuss the proposals with us:

  • 23rd & 24th February: Pop-Up Poole, 58 High Street 11am - 3pm
  • 5th March: Central Library, Dolphin Centre 2pm - 5pm
  • 9th March: Creekmoor Library, 34 Northmead Drive 2pm - 5.30pm
  • 11th March: Hamworthy Library, Blandford Road 1pm - 6.30pm

  • 17th & 18th March: Pop-Up Poole, 58 High Street 10am - 4pm

  • 20th March: Hamworthy Club, Magna Road 2pm - 7pm

  • 23rd March: Rossmore Library, Herbert Avenue 11am - 2pm
  • 24th March: Broadstone Library, Story Lane 11am - 1pm

CIL Review - Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation: 16th February - 31st March 2015

In 2013 we were one of the first local authorities to introduce a CIL Charging Schedule, a tax on development to pay for infrastructure. Alongside the Poole Core Strategy Review we are reviewing our CIL Charging Rates. We commissioned viability work to assess the current market conditions and identify new CIL rates. We are seeking your views on whether these rates are deliverable and will not unduly burden landowners and developers from bringing sites forward.

The consultation on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule closes on Tuesday 31st March 2015. Paper copies of the consultation document can be viewed in the Planning Reception at the Civic Centre and at all Poole libraries. For you to get your views to us as quickly and efficiently as possible we would prefer it if comments are submitted online. However, if you prefer you can email your comments to planning@poole.gov.uk with ‘CIL Review’ inserted into the subject box, or post your comments to: Planning Policy & Implementation, Planning and Regeneration Services including Building Consultancy, Borough of Poole, Civic Centre, Poole BH15 2RU.

Poole Town Centre Planning and Urban Design
Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The review updates the 2004 document. Extensive public engagement including focussed workshops on access and movement in the town centre have been undertaken.  

Full details of the SPG review process and the ways in which you can make your views known are available on the consultation page.

The Dorset Heathlands Planning Framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Dorset Heathlands Planning Framework SPD has now been updated to cover the period 2015-2020 to take account of changes in the planning system, most notably the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy and its relationship with s106 agreements. In addition, the arrangements that have been in place since the introduction of the Interim Planning Framework in 2007 have been reviewed and the draft document reflects the new arrangements agreed by the local authorities. 

Consultation on the draft SPD commences on Wednesday 7th January and closes on Wednesday 18th February 2015. A hard copy of the public consultation document can be obtained from the Council offices and local libraries of the relevant local authorities i.e. Bournemouth, Christchurch, Dorset, East Dorset, Poole and Purbeck. Alternatively an electronic copy can be downloaded from the consultation page.

Borough of Poole is co-ordinating the consultation arrangements on behalf of the local authorities and any comments on the consultation document should be sent by email to planning@poole.gov.uk with ‘Dorset Heathland Consultation’ inserted in the subject box, or alternatively in writing to Dorset Heathland Consultation, Planning and Regeneration Services, Borough of Poole, Civic Centre, Poole, BH15 2RU. 

Government introduces new threshold for Affordable Housing and changes to contributions regime

On Friday 28 November the government introduced a new policy threshold for affordable housing. With immediate effect any planning application for 11 or more dwellings will be liable to  provide or make contributions toward affordable housing. However, any applications for less than 11 units but over 1000sqm in floorspace will also be liable. Below these thresholds affordable housing will not be required. All schemes above the threshold will still be subject to viability.

The new threshold becomes a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. Policy PCS6: Affordable Housing in Poole Core Strategy 2009 remains the adopted policy however the new threshold in practice outweighs the threshold element of the adopted policy. It further has implications for the tariff approach set out in the Affordable Housing SPD. In effect the tariff set out in the SPD will not be able to be asked for unless the floorspace threshold of a proposed development is exceeded.

Ashington, Brunstead Road, Canford Cliffs and Penn Hill Conservation Area Review

At the meeting of Full Council on 18 November 2014 the Borough of Poole agreed a number of recommendations following a review of 12 of the Boroughs Conservation Areas. The reports to Council can be found here. Further details on the review can be found on the Heritage, Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings page.