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Your Borough Of Poole

Planning Policy

Draft Talbot Village Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Borough of Poole is consulting on a draft planning document for the Talbot Village area that lies within Poole. The document sets out a vision for, and how, the area might develop, featuring the universities plans to improve their facilities, the provision of employment space for what is known as digital industries, and the provision of new open space and measures to protect the existing heathland.

The consultation commences on Monday 10 August and runs for 6 weeks until Monday 21 September 2015. Details of the consultation together with the draft SPD and other supporting information can be found at:- www.poole.gov.uk/talbotvillagespd.

Have your say on the Draft Mineral Sites Plan and the Draft Waste Plan

Consultation on the draft plans commences on Wednesday 15 July and ends on Wednesday 23 September 2015.

The Mineral Sites Plan will allocate suitable sites for quarrying of sand, gravel, building stones and ball clay to meet requirements. Further details are available here.

The new Waste Plan will identify sites for new waste management facilities to meet the county's needs. Once adopted, it will provide the policy framework for determining planning applications for waste management facilities. Further details are available here.

Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

The Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum has prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan which sets out a number of policies to address local issues in respect of housing, shopping and services, community facilities, employment and open spaces.

Public consultation on the draft Plan commences on Monday 1 June and closes on Wednesday 15 July 2015. Further details of the consultation and access to an online questionnaire are available here.

New Heathland Contribution

A new planning contribution came into effect on 8 April 2015. The contribution is payable on all residential planning applications where there is a net increase in dwellings. The charge will be collected as part of the overall Dorset Heathland Planning Framework Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy. The charge will be put toward funding Strategic Access Management and Monitoring, this is the non infrastructure element of the strategy. Details of the contribution can be found here.