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Your Borough Of Poole

Current Consultations

Poole Local Plan Review

The council is undertaking a review of its Core Strategy and other Local Plan documents to look at all current planning policies to consider whether they remain in line with government policy and where necessary, amend them to take account of new evidence of need and issues of local and strategic importance that have emerged over the past decade. The Local Plan review once completed will set out an updated plan for the borough to meet needs and guide development to 2033.

This latest consultation seeks to move the review forward by asking for views on possible future housing and other development sites and development management policies that will help guide the preparation and direction of the new Poole Local Plan.

The consultation is being held between Monday 13 June 2016 and Monday 8 August 2016.

Have your say on the current consultation.

Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan

The Poole Quays Forum Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led plan, which aims to guide the future development, regeneration and conservation of the plan area. It contains a vision, aims and objectives, and planning policies for improving the area. Once adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the statutory development plan for the Borough of Poole and will need to be taken into account when all planning-related decisions are made, critically the determination of planning applications.

The consultation on the Submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan has been extended until Monday 13 June 2016 following the undertaking of a revised Basic Conditions Test. As a result the following sections of the plan have been revised:

  • Section 4 of the Plan which is a summary of the Basic Conditions Statement 
  • Appendices 6 and 7 have been replaced with the new Appendix 6 available separately below.

The Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can be viewed here. Comments can preferably be made via a survey on Poole's online planning consultation portal or sent by email to planning@poole.gov.uk.