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This page has a list of links that may be useful to you as a Parent

Borough of Poole Links

 A list of information and support on a range of areas in education.

 A list of all Schools In Poole.  

School Categories Information on the six different categories of school in Poole.

School Admissions Information on how to apply to a school and the two types of admissions to a school. 

Applying For A School Place - In Year Admission to a school part way through the school year or starting at a school in any year group other than in September.

Applying For A School Place - Normal Year Of Entry Admission to a school for a normal year of entry.

School Term And Holiday Dates Information on school term and holiday dates for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools.

Exclusion from School Information and support for pupils who have been excluded from school. 

Family Information Directory - The aim is to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on local organisations, services, activities and events relating to children and young people, their parents and carers as well as professionals working with families.

A list of Poole's Children's Centres

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External Links

We are not responsible for the content provided on these external websites. For more information on sites we do link to refer to our linking policy.

Directgov - Parents Information and support from the Directgov website for Parents.

BBC - Parenting Information and support from the BBC website for Parents.

Family Lives National charity providing help and support in all aspects of family life. 

Gingerbread Provides advice and practical support for single parents.

Parent Advice Provides help and support to parents facing any family difficulty. It has four main areas of work, Parents Helpline, Parenting Education, Parenting Forum Northern Ireland, Focus on Fathers.

Direct Gov - Disabled parents Information and support from the Directgov website for Disabled Parents.

Coastal Credit Union is an ethical, not-for-profit co-operative, run by staff and volunteers, which helps people in the Bournemouth / Poole / and all other BH postcode areas to save regularly and borrow in times of need, while promoting budgeting and thrift.

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