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UKYP elections – an opportunity to represent young people

If you’re a teenager and you think you could make a real difference to the lives of young people in Poole, why not stand for election in the United Kingdom Youth Parliament (UKYP) elections?

On January 27 2012, young people from 13 to 18 have the opportunity to deliver an election manifesto to a group of their peers at an event to be held at the Civic Centre, Poole.

Outgoing MYP, Nathan Thompson and his deputy, Vicky Olive had an interesting year which included debating topical issues in the presence of the Speaker, John Bercow at the House of Commons.  Nathan said: “If anyone has aspirations of a career in politics or just a genuine interest in young people’s issues, then I would highly recommend that they stand for election.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get your voice heard and to represent people of your own age.”

Anyone standing for election and candidates will be supported by staff from Youth Services Open Access team to deliver their election manifesto to the voters. Staff from Democratic Services will oversee the election process.

The event runs from 6-9pm and will be opened by the Mayor of Poole, Cllr Graham Wilson.
                                                                                                                       For further information please contact the Peter Cooper or Luke Ed,  Children and Young People’s Integrated Services. Tel. 262281


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