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Your Borough Of Poole

Get Your Poole News Four Times A Year

Borough of Poole's free magazine for local residents and businesses Poole News is now published four times a year.

The Spring edition, published at the end of March, is the first of the new quarterly version of the magazine which gives Poole residents the latest news and information on the council’s services and policies.

The 32-page magazine includes a new two-page What's On guide to events in and around Poole, as well as a four-page news section and a dedicated contacts page for residents looking to access a wide variety of council services.

This edition also features a three-page update on the Twin Sails Bridge project, plus a guide to the council's budget for the next 12 months.

Chris Owens, Head of Customer Services and Communications, Borough of Poole, said: "Poole News is an important means of keeping residents informed about the work of the council and the many services it provides on their behalf. We’ve worked hard over the last few years to improve the magazine based on residents' feedback. In line with new guidance from the government, we now publish four editions a year. We are also including more advertising to further bring down the annual cost of its production and distribution. We hope residents will find the new-look Poole News just as useful and informative as it was before.

"Distributing 67,000 copies direct to local homes and businesses is a challenge but feedback shows that it works well for the vast majority of residents. We regularly review any issues with distribution and the company that distributes Poole News on behalf of the council has recently recruited a new team to deliver the magazine in the Bourne Valley area." 

The Spring edition will be distributed across Poole over the next two weeks and copies will also be available in all Poole libraries and at the Civic Centre. Alternatively, you can view the online version at boroughofpoole.com/poolenews. An audio version, produced in partnership with the Dorset Blind Association, is also available upon request.
If you do not receive Poole News but would like to request a copy, please email pr@poole.gov.uk or telephone 01202 633295.


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