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Your Borough Of Poole

Affordable Housing Proposals Approved

Borough of Poole is to investigate using council land to provide affordable housing.

The council’s Corporate Strategy idenitfies affordable housing as one of its key priorities and Full Council has approved proposals seeking to deliver 100 new affordable homes on council-owned land over the next four years.

The Homes and Community Agency (HCA) is inviting the providers of affordable housing, Registered Providers, to submit bids for money to them to help fund more homes.  If successful the HCA grant would be about £20,000 for each new affordable home.

With the council’s commitment to provide the land, the HCA has indicated that it would support a bid for 175 new homes in Poole,  75 of which could be provided in the Regeneration Area.

Officers will now look at potential council-owned land which would be suitable  but no specific sites have yet been identified. The use of Council land would be considered as an investment in the Council’s priority of providing affordable homes,  even though little or no capital receipt would be returned to the council for the land.

Cllr Mike White, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Planning and Regeneration, Borough of Poole, said : "Securing affordable housing remains one of the council’s highest priorities. Delivering new affordable homes in an economic downturn is particularly challenging which is why I am delighted that the council is putting in place this initiative in partnership with the HCA to identify where new homes might be able to be provided within Poole."