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Temporary Structures & Event Equipment

Temporary Structures & Event Equipment

Many events will require temporary structures such as staging, tents, marquees, stalls, feather flags etc. Decide where this equipment is to be obtained, who will erect it and what safety checks will be required. Temporary structures should only be obtained from experienced suppliers. The location of any structures that require stakes or peg anchorage in the ground must be agreed with the Community Events Team and clearly identified on the site plan.


The security of all marquees and equipment is the responsibility of the Event Organiser. The lifting equipment used to erect the marquees shall be certified with a copy of the certificate produced for inspection. Organisers are advised to consult their contracts and insurance should be taken out to cover the hire of equipment from private sources. Plans for marquees or equivalent structures must be supplied to the Community Events Team at least 28 working days prior to the event taking place. These plans will be shared with Borough of Poole Building Consultancy Services and may require a site visit(s) to approve the safety of the structure on site or structure plans to be approved. The cost of these visits and work will be met by the Event Organiser.


Domestic gazebos are often not suitable for use at a public event and can pose a safety risk in the event of high winds, or proximity to fire risks such as barbecues.

Guy Ropes

All guy ropes and ground pegs must be clearly marked with hazard tape or similar hi-visible material to minimise trip hazards.


Barriers must be used to protect the public against specific hazards such as moving machinery, generators, barbecues, vehicles, crowd control in front of staging etc.

Crowd control

The type of event and the numbers attending will determine the measures needed. Consideration will need to be given to the number and positioning of barriers, and the provision of a public address system.

Emergency exits must be clearly signposted and kept clear at all times.


It is essential that you provide an adequate number of toilets at your event, all of which must have hand wash facilities. The use of urinals as well as cubicle toilets should be considered where alcohol consumption is expected.

Please do not rely on existing toilet facilities on site as unfortunately they can be subject to closure at short notice.

For events with a gate opening time of less than 6 hours duration:

  • female: 1 toilet per 120 females

  • male: 1 toilet per 600 males & 1 urinal per 175 males

For events with a gate opening time of 6 hours or more duration

  • female: 1 toilet per 100 females

  • male: 1 toilet per 500 males plus 1 urinal per 150 males

For all public events: 1 toilet per 75 people with a disability.

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