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Planning Your Activities

Planning Your Activities

Rides & Attractions

Suppliers must provide you with copies of their Public Liability Insurance, and ADIPS or PIPA certificates to prove that the rides are well maintained and fit for purpose.

ADIPS (Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme) is the fairground and amusement park industry’s self regulated safety inspection scheme, which registers competent ride inspectors and the rides they inspect. The purpose of the scheme is to promote best practice and improve fairground and amusement park safety through annual inspection of the amusement devices. It is overseen by the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC)

A PIPA (Inflatable Play Inspection Scheme) tag and certificate means that an inflatable has been designed to recognised standards, the equipment is tested annually by a qualified inspector and it is approved for commercial use.

All inflatables such as bouncy castles must be fully tethered to the ground, as per manufacturer’s instructions, at all times, regardless of the weather conditions and use an appropriate anchor. Please do not use the trees, bins, benches etc!

All activities must be supervised at all times and barriers must be set up to direct the public away from any hazards such as generators, fans etc.

Car Boot Sales

In general car boot sales are not allowed on council community greenspace sites.

Firework, Laser & Pyrotechnic Displays

Only in exceptional cases where organisers can demonstrate the appropriateness of firework displays and the necessary safety measures are in place will fireworks be permitted.

Special effects and pyrotechnics may present additional hazards and must be carefully planned and a risk assessment carried out. It is important that they are all installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and stored in accordance with approved arrangements. They should be arranged so as to minimise any risk to the public, performers and staff. Specific warning notices advising the public of the effects to be used must be displayed in appropriate places so that the public can read them.

Aircraft, Hot Air Balloons, Hovercraft & Model Aircraft

Any event application involving these craft must allow significant time for consultation on the complex issues involved. As Event Organiser you are also responsible for complying with Civil Aviation Authority regulations.

Balloon and Lantern Releases

The council does not allow multi-balloon releases from council land in Poole on environmental and wildlife protection grounds. This includes bio-degradable latex and foil balloons. Framed sky lanterns may pose a similar hazard and so design and use must be approved in advance.


If you are having music at your event it may be necessary to conduct a sound check to assess acceptable noise levels and take any measures to minimise disruption to the local community.

This may involve advice from the council’s noise pollution team. You can contact them by email at environment@poole.gov.uk or call 01202 261700

Performing Rights

The council is obliged to declare all musical performances taking place as part of an event to the Performing Rights Society. This includes both live and pre-recorded music. We use the information that you provide to help make our annual declaration.

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