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Premises Licence

Each of our event sites has a Premises Licence held by the Borough of Poole. This Licence covers events for up to 4,999 people. It allows regulated entertainment such as music but does not include permission for the supply/sale of alcohol. Depending on the scale of your event you may need to apply for your own Licence. The sooner we know the scale of your event, the sooner we can advise on your Licensing requirements.

Alcohol: Temporary Event Notice

You can apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TENS) if you want to provide alcohol at your event. The TENS will allow up to 499 people in a controlled alcohol area.

Permit for charity collections/lotteries/raffles

If you are having a raffle, lottery or charity collection as part of your event, you may need to apply for a permit.

For more information contact the Licensing Team at Environment & Consumer Protection Services - environment@poole.gov.uk or 01202 261700.

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