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Event Safety

Event Safety

Risk assessments

Your event must have a detailed risk assessment to cover any activity that could pose a danger or hazard to anyone attending, involved in or in the vicinity of your event. A sample risk assessment is available to download.

The following healthy and safety aspects should be considered together with any other issues relevant to your event:

  • emergency plans necessitating site evacuation eg. for fire

  • transport / vehicle management on and around the site

  • temporary electrical installations on site and use of electrical equipment

  • waste management

  • first aid provision

Crowded places advice

It is important to consider the possible threat of terrorism when planning your event. The National Counter Terrorism Security Office offers great advice for event organisers and for the management of crowded places.

If you would like to discuss your event in more detail or have a specific concern, then please contact the events team at events@poole.gov.uk.

Fire safety

It is the event organiser’s role to ensure that a fire safety risk assessment is completed and any preventative or protective measured identified and addressed. The Fire Authority enforces The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and is able to provide practical advice or if the risk is serious, issue a formal notice.


All performers should have their own insurances and risk assessments and the same considerations will apply as for contractors. Where amateur performers are being used, discuss your detailed requirements with them and ensure they will comply with your health and safety rules and event plan.

Depending on the size and nature of your event you may wish to consider employing a professional safety advisor.


All event organisers must have public liability insurance in place for at least £5 million in respect of one claim. The event organiser must ensure that all contractors and performers assisting with the event have the same amount of public liability insurance in their own name. Depending upon the nature of the organisation and the proposed event, other insurances may also be required. These policies must indemnify the Council against any claim arising from the event.

A copy of the event organisers policy documents must be given to the Community Events Team no later than 28 days before the event. If you make a claim on your insurance you must advise the Community Events Team .


If you are appointing contractors for your event, they should be vetted to ensure they are competent to undertake the tasks required of them. Wherever possible personal references should be obtained and followed up.

Ask contractors for a copy of their safety policy and risk assessments, and satisfy yourself that they will perform the task safely.

Always ask to see their public liability insurance certificate, which should provide a limit of indemnity of at least £5 million.

Provide contractors with a copy of your event paperwork and arrange liaison meetings to ensure they will work within your specified parameters.


If an accident occurs on site, the names and addresses of witnesses should be obtained, photographs or a sketch map taken and a report made by the organisers. An Accident Report Form should be completed and a copy sent to the Community Events Team straight after the event. Asample Accident Report Form is also available to download. You will need to advise your own insurance company.

Some accidents are reportable by law. While all accidents need to be recorded, some may need to be reported to health & safety officials. For further advice you can read the Health and Safety Executive's guidance on how to make a report.

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