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Planning Your Event

Planning your event - Fire Fayre Aerial

When planning your event, ask yourself these key questions:

Why are you holding your event?

Have a clear purpose for your event and what you want to achieve from it.

Who would you like to attract?

Are families your target audience or will it be more specific? 

Is it for local residents or wider appeal within the region?  Knowing this will help you to plan your welfare arrangements such as toilets, first aid, lost children, baby changing, lost property, refreshments and many more!

Establish the maximum number of people that your event can safely hold. Remember that one particular attraction may draw large numbers of visitors and that attendance is boosted by good weather. Estimate how many people are likely to attend if your event isn’t ticketed.

Make specific arrangements for people with disabilities so they can safely enjoy the event and have adequate facilities e.g. parking, specific viewing areas etc.

What activities will you offer?

Gear your provision to the age profile and size of your audience. 

Will any activity present specific hazards e.g. water sports etc?

Which venue is best?

We have a number of event sites available which already have a Premises Licence – see our map for more information. Other event sites are available, please contact the Events Team to discuss your idea. 

Consider which venue best matches your planned activities:

  • is there easy access? 
  • will you need car parking? 
  • are there any potential hazards such as nearby water or overhead power lines?
  • is there clear access for emergency services?
  • how will your event impact on the local community?

Please note:  There are rules governing the closure of public open space. For more details contact the Events Team.

When will the event take place?

Seasons, day of the week, time of day can all affect the nature of your event with crowd size, noise, lighting and ease of travel etc. 

Check the ‘What’s On’ listings to avoid clashing with any other similar or local event.

Give yourself as much time as possible to organise the event. You may need as much as 12 months planning time to gain popular performers, specialist advice, licences or permissions that may be required.

Contingency plans

Please consider a contingency plan in the event of extreme weather conditions or other issues that could affect your event at short notice such as transport issues, national events etc. 

Will the event be cancelled or could other arrangements be made? How will you communicate this message?

Can you plan for scenarios such as dealing with a disappointed crowd if the main attraction has not turned up?

Marshals play a key role in helping the public at your event.