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Reading Groups

About Reading Groups

Joining a reading group is a great way to share the pleasure of reading, exchange views on books with others and read titles you might otherwise not try. Why not join one of our library-based reading groups?

There are groups at all our libraries. You can find more details of meetings on our What's on page, or by asking in your local library.

If your local library doesn’t have a group, why not start one up?  Talk to the library staff or contact Janet on 01202 262452.

Or you could get together with your friends and have a reading group at home, in the pub, over dinner... there are lots of possibilities. Just enjoy reading and talking about books, and use our special group membership so you can get a copy each of your chosen book - free.

We also have weekly shared reading groups groups where you can sit back, relax, listen to short stories and poems, and chat about what we have read together.

No need to read anything between meetings, just turn up and enjoy the stories.  There are groups at Broadstone, Oakdale, Poole Central and Rossmore Libraries.

Join us on Facebook – talk about books on the Poole Reading Groups page.  

How we can help Reading Groups

The library offers special support for reading groups:

  • Free group membership

  • A special collection of over 100 titles exclusively for the use of reading groups. The collection contains 10 or more copies of each title plus a large print and audio copy if available.

  • Reading group request service

  • Special 7-week loan period

  • Support and advice on setting up and running a reading group

  • Regular news about book promotions, author visits and other events.

  • Venues to meet - contact your local library to see what can be arranged

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Books for Reading Groups

The collection contains fiction and non-fiction, recent best-sellers and award winning titles, modern and historical classics, different genres and themes, a couple of short story and poetry collections, in fact something for every taste. Some of the titles have been recommended by local reading groups or individuals and we are always glad to receive recommendations.

We’d really like you to share your thoughts about the books with other groups too.  We’ll send you a review form with each book and you can find a downloadable version on the right of this page.  We’ll put your comments on the reading group list to help groups choose their next read. 

Go to 'Downloads' on the  right of this page to see and download a copy of the current Selected Stock list.

A different approach is to read online - if you go to our E-books page, you will see our Reading Groups 'bookshelf'. All these books have reading group guides and unlimited numbers of copies are instantly available. Lots of other bookshelves are available too.  The site will ask for your library card number when you log in.

Reading Group websites

For more ideas and reviews check out the following websites:  

Reading Groups for Everyone


Harper Collins  Reading Groups page  

Penguin Readers' Group website

Bloomsbury Reading Groups page .

The Guardian  online Reading Group

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