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Your Borough Of Poole

Private Sector Enforcement Policy

The Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy details how the Council will regulate standards in private housing in Poole. It sets out to mirror the corporate values and purposes set out in the Council’s corporate strategy “to improve the quality of life for the people of Poole”. It also provides a background to the legislation and guidance on which it is based.

This Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy is supplemental to and should be read in conjunction with the Council’s corporate enforcement policy.

It is important for local authorities to have an enforcement policy to ensure consistency of approach among Council officers and members of the public to know what to expect from the service.

An enforcement policy also aids clarity if the Council takes legal proceedings or enforcement action is appealed against.

Our aim is to raise standards in housing throughout Poole, working with owners, landlords, letting agents and tenants to achieve this. However it is recognised that if the law is broken then enforcement action may be necessary to protect the public and environment.

In developing the policy we must be fair to both sides and give help and advice to achieve our aim but we must also be firm in taking enforcement action where it is appropriate.