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Empty Properties

Please note: With effect from the 10th October 2016, Bournemouth Borough Council will be managing this service on behalf of the Borough of Poole.

Being an area of high property demand, Poole is fortunate that it doesn’t have large numbers of empty properties and the properties that are currently empty are not concentrated into one area but scattered across the Borough.  

The Private Sector Housing Team does not hold a current list of empty properties, nor do we have a dedicated Empty Homes Officer.

The definition of an empty property is one that has been empty for six months or more.  There are several reasons properties can be empty for over six months, these can include:

  • properties on the market
  • properties in probate, which, in some instances, can leave them empty for several years if contested
  • properties awaiting planning permission or redevelopment.  If you wish you can search the Borough of Poole’s online planning application page to see if an application has been submitted for a specific property
  • properties undergoing refurbishment.

We acknowledge however, in some cases, properties are deliberately being left empty. The Private Sector Housing Team are happy to receive complaints or concerns regarding empty properties in your area.

Whilst, unfortunately, we no longer have any financial incentives or grants to help bring these properties back into use, we will always try to contact the owner to ask why the property is empty and to offer advice and support.

If there is an empty property in your area that is causing a nuisance, for example being broken into, vandalised or is attracting anti-social behaviour, please let us know and we will liaise with our Community Safety Team or Environmental Services as appropriate.

Poole Housing Partnership manage the council’s own stock of houses. They do not have any long term empty properties and strive to re-let properties within a 28 day period of receiving the keys from the vacating tenant. Poole Housing Partnership’s Empty Property Service Standard can be viewed on their website.

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