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Your Borough Of Poole

Beach Hut Annual Hire

Estimated waiting time for new applicants (last updated 18th Aug 2014)

New applicants applying to join the waiting list could be waiting for the following average time:

  • Sandbanks - 23 years (326 on list)

  • Shore Road - 15 years (209 on list)

  • Flaghead Chine - 22 years (155 on list)

  • Canford Cliffs - 18 years (233 on list)

  • Branksome Chine - 14 years (335 on list)

  • Branksome Dene - 21 years (199 on list)

  • Hamworthy - 16 years (94 on list)

There are 7 lists, each covering a different area. You can apply to join as many lists as you like. 

A £25 non‑refundable administration fee is payable to join each list. Annual hire huts are only available to Poole residents. If you are on a list or already have a hut and leave the Borough you must tell us.

You have a 14 day cooling off period should you wish to cancel your application to join the waiting list. Please contact us should you wish to cancel.

Sub Hire Charges

Once you have your Beach Hut Annual Licence you are allowed to sub-hire your hut for up to 56 days a year. Before you do this you need permission from the Council.  Please apply in writing to the Beach Office or phone 01202 708181. Detailed terms & conditions are also available.

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Weekly sub-hire charges - 2014

  • January - March: £35 per week
  • April - June + September: £82 per week
  • July - August: £163 per week
  • October - December: £35 per week

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Change of details

Please write, phone 01202 708181or email us with any changes to your information including name, address, telephone number and email.

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Cancelling your beach hut /site licence

All beach hut tenants have the right to cancel their agreement by giving one month's notice in writing to us at the Beach Office, or phone 01202 708181. Please tell us your name, beach hut number and location.

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Beach Hut Bills

For all enquiries about your bills, please speak to Financial Services on 01202 634215 or email:

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Development of new beach huts 

New beach huts are needed to meet high levels of public demand and to generate additional revenues for the Council.  There are a significant number of people on the existing waiting list and new huts will help to meet some of that demand and enhance popular areas of Poole’s shore line. 

Progress update on new beach hut development (Last updated: 16/07/14):

  • Sandbanks - Under consideration

  • Flaghead Chine - Planning Permission granted, construction planned for Autumn/Winter 2014-15

  • Canford Cliffs - Completed

  • Branksome Promenade - Planning Permission granted, construction planned for Autumn/Winter 2014-15

  • Branksome Dene -  Planning Permission applied for, awaiting outcome

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