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Eligibility Criteria - Entitlement to Social Services

If you have a disability or any social care needs you are entitled to a care needs assessment . Any charges for services are subject to a financial assessment.  Please contact our Help Desk on 01202 633902 for further advice and information. If following the assessment you do not meet the eligibility criteria we can still offer you advice and information but you will have to arrange and pay for any help you need.  If we decide that you are not eligible at present, then your circumstances change, please get in contact again.  In any case, please ask for advice if you are not sure.

The demand for care services is growing and expected to increase in the future.  At the same time we must provide services within our budget and so cannot always provide services to everyone who wants them. For this reason we have eligibility criteria to give priority to those who need care most. Social Services eligibility criteria are based on levels of need and risk to your ability to be independent.  Fair Access to Care Services are the standards we use to decide this (for a more detailed explanation than that given below please refer to 'FACS thresholds and eligibilty criteria' in the Downloads sections at the top right of this page).

These standards are:

Critical Risk

This includes people who have developed serious long term physical or mental problems which mean they are unable to live independently. 

Substantial Risk

This includes people who have developed or are beginning to develop serious long term physical or mental health problems which put their ability to live independently under threat.

Moderate Risk

This includes people who are developing problems which will soon affect their long term ability to live independently.

Low Risk

This includes people who have some difficulty in carrying out one or two daily routines because of their physical or mental health problems.


We currently meet the needs of people who are at critical or substantial risk.


If we do not provide services we will give advice and information about support available.

Carers looking after someone who meets the above criteria may also be eligible for help in their own right.

Please contact the Adult Social Care Helpdesk on 01202 633902 if you have a query or would like to request an assessment.

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