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Direct Payments Scheme

What are direct payments?

Direct payments are Borough of Poole payments for people who have been assessed as needing help from social care services, and who would like to arrange and pay for their own care and support services instead of receiving them directly from the local council.

You will be offered this option if, after a social care assessment you are eligible for social care services. Choosing direct payments can give you greater choice and control over the support you receive. If you do not wish to receive a direct payment, Borough of Poole will arrange services for you

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Who can have a direct payment?

  • Disabled people of all ages

  • Parents of disabled children to meet their children’s needs

  • Carers aged 16 and over.

You will need to be willing and able to manage your direct payment, with assistance if necessary.  We can arrange for someone, "an agreed suitable person" to receive a Direct Payment if someone lacks the mental capacity to receive a Direct Payment and it is deemed in their best interests.  If you would like to know more about receiving a Direct Payment for someone else, please contact the individual’s care manager.

Direct payments may not be offered to a small number of people whose liberty to arrange their care is restricted by certain mental health or criminal justice legislation. Further information can be obtained from Adult Social Care Help Desk: email sshelpdesk@poole.gov.uk or telephone 01202 633902

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How much will my direct payment be?

Your direct payments is a way of receiving a "personal budget", this is the amount of money that we have assessed as being necessary to meet your eligible care needs. It is made up of:

  • Your contribution – this is the amount you have been financially assessed as being able to pay

  • Our contribution - Adult Social Care will pay the difference between your contribution and the total that has been calculated to meet your eligible care needs.

The direct payment is normally paid every four weeks in advance.  You can receive the money in one of the following ways:

  • opening a bank account, solely for the direct payment
  • using an agreed holding account service

If you have been assessed as needing to pay a contribution you will be required to pay it   into your direct payments account or to the holding account service. 

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What can I use my direct payment for?

To meet all the agreed outcomes in your support plan. This may include meeting social care needs such as:

  • personal care - by employing your own staff or using the registered care agency of your choice
  • day opportunities - using these as an alternative to going to a day centre
  • providing short term care for you to enable your carer to have a short break or respite

Carers can also receive a direct payment for services to help them continue in their caring role, following a carer’s assessment and agreed eligibility.

Any restrictions and requirements on the use of this money will be explained if you choose to take up a direct payment by your social care worker and a Direct Payments Advisor.

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Help in managing your direct payment

Adult Social Care has a Direct Payments Advice Service to provide support and direct payments clients.
This service provides:

  • information and advice on all aspects of direct payments
  • information and advice on employment issues
  • support in the recruitment process
  • regular support meetings
  • help in developing a plan for managing your direct payment
  • a payroll service
  • ongoing support with managing staff and the payments - if required

Once set up, many people manage their own direct payment.  If you wish, you can get someone you know to help you with the day to day management of the scheme, such as staff rotas, time sheets etc.  You will still remain in control and be responsible for how the money is spent.   

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Making sure your direct payment is working for you

We will meet with you to review your care after six weeks and ensure that direct payments are working for you.  At this meeting we will also set the frequency of future reviews.  You will need to keep evidence of how the direct payment has been used to meet your needs.

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How do I find out more?

If you are over 18 years old, please contact your care manager, social worker or the Direct Payment Advice Service. 


Direct Payments Advice Service
Civic Centre Annexe
Park Road
BH15 2RT

Telephone: 01202 261133

Text Relay 18001 01202 261133

Email:  dpadviceservice@poole.gov.uk 


If you are 16-17 years old or a parent of a disabled child, please contact Children and Young People's Social Care team on 01202 735046.


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01202 261133

Direct Payments Advice Service
Civic Centre Annexe
Park Road
BH15 2RT