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Disability Equipment

Following your Occupational Therapy (OT) assessment recommendations may be made for the provision of equipment to maximise your independence at home , and/or to assist your carers.

Equipment can be loaned to assist with the following areas of difficulty:

  • bathing

  • toileting

  • mobility

  • seating

  • access to bed

  • access to your property

  • other needs as identified from the assessment.

Adaptations to your home may also be recommended to assist with areas of difficulty.

The equipment is on loan from our Integrated Community Equipment Store.  Our aim is to provide it within 28 days of your OT assessment. Repairs and ongoing maintenance of loaned equipment will also be arranged.

Occupational Therapists (OTs) also have specialist skills in assessing people with severely restricted movement. Advice, support, equipment and training can be offered to you and your carers to help overcome moving and handling difficulties.

Should you situation change your needs will be reviewed and either additional equipment supplied or alternatively collection arranged.

Enquiries can be made per the Adult Social Care Help Desk on 01202 633902 or email sshelpdesk@poole.gov.uk

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Disability Equipment
Disability Equipment