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Supported Lodgings - How the Scheme Works

What is the Supported Lodgings Scheme?

Supported Lodgings enable single people aged sixteen and above to be offered accommodation in a home environment when leaving foster care or residential care. Supported Lodgings are provided by people who can offer a bedroom in their homes, along with some level of support, to care leavers. The Supported Lodgings Scheme operates under our Pathways Team.

Young people often leave home in their twenties having learnt the practical skills they need and with the security of knowing that their family are around if they need advice, help or somewhere to go back to. For most young people in local authority care this is not the case. Many are vulnerable and leave between the ages of sixteen and eighteen without all the skills needed to live independently.

Our experience of positive outcomes for young people clearly points towards the success of Supported Lodgings placements as a stepping stone towards independence. Supported Lodgings has been an integral part of the leaving care service since 2001 and offers a distinct alternative to traditional hostel provision.

We have a growing number of registered landlords/ladies and more are always welcome. Providers of supported lodgings undergo an approval process and will receive allowances and support from us if they are approved.
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Could you provide Supported Lodgings?

You need to be able to offer a bedroom for the sole use of the young person for as long as the placement is open or required. During this time it is hoped that the young person will develop skills towards independent living. The young person will be supported by you as well as project workers, social services and any other agencies with which the young person may be involved.

We have a wide range of clients who require supported lodgings and so we need a wide range of providers. You can be:

  • Married, with a partner or single
  • Of any age
  • From any ethnic background
  • Working or not working
  • With or without children
  • Home owner or tenant

The only restrictions are:

  • You must have a spare bedroom in your home
  • You must be in good mental and physical health
  • There must be nothing in your background that would suggest that any person placed in your care could be at risk from harm or abuse

Please note: To ensure the safety of our young people we always carry out a range of police and other checks.
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What Skills are required?

The main requirements are:

  • Patience

  • Tolerance

  • Flexibility

  • Plenty of common sense

  • The desire to make a difference to someone’s life

We will talk to you about your past experience, both professional and personal, as it helps us to paint a picture of what you can offer. We will aim to facilitate any training you need and to provide ongoing support during your time as a supported lodgings provider.
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What Allowances and Support are available?

You would be paid rent for the bedroom you are letting out to the young person. You will receive an additional allowance based on the support you offer the young person. Every young person placed with you will also pay an additional supplement towards their keep.

Every Supported Lodgings provider receives support from the Pathways team. An accommodation officer provides day to day support and you will given regular supervision to ensure that you are receiving all the advice and help you need.

A training package is offered to all approved providers and you will be required to undertake some training courses before a young person can be placed with you. You will also be given the opportunity to undertake specialist training in areas relative to young people.
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How do I apply?

If you are interested in becoming a supported lodgings provider then please download and return an enquiry form. If you want any further information then please ask for the Pathways team. Our contact details are on the right hand side of this page.
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