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Your Borough Of Poole

Thermal Imagery


As part of the Council's drive to improve its local environment and reduce Carbon Emissions, a thermal image survey was undertaken in December 2008.

The project, funded by the Energy Saving Trust , is also part of the council's efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint and energy costs, while addressing the wider challenge of climate change.

Borough of Poole is committed to reducing its own CO2 emissions by 25 per cent by April 2013.

The information obtained from the imagery provided the council with the relative amount of heat loss from each building within the authority, in relation to the specific time and date of the image capture.

The data was then graded between values of low to high heat loss and a colour to reflect this value was attributed to each building, highlighting whether the building has below average, average or above average heat loss.

Please note that the value applied to each building is relative to the time, date and weather conditions of the flight and this must be taken into account if you are unsure as to why your property has a heat loss value you were not expecting. One factor, for example, is that the survey does not show whether or not the house was occupied at the time of the flight.

How to access the data

1) Go to our online mapping system 'Your Poole'

2) Click on the 'New Property Search' Button

3) Enter your address details and click on 'Search'. Your address will appear below. Click on your address and the map will update and relocate to your property.

4) On the left hand side is a menu option called Interactive Mapping

Click on this button to reveal a number of overlays that can be clicked on and off.

5) The first layer is called Thermal Heat Loss

6) Tick the box next to the name and the Thermal information for your property should now be visible.

The different colours represent the relative heat loss rating:

Green = Good/Low heat loss

Yellow = Average heat loss

Red = Poor/High heat loss

Next Steps

Many residents may not realise that grant schemes can substantially subsidise the cost of Energy Efficiency improvements and grants can often help the vulnerable with the full costs of heating and insulation.

For free advice and information on subsidised insulation and heating systems telephone 0800 975 0116 or visit Dorset Energy Advice Centre


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