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Refuse, Recycling and Garden Waste Collection

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There are many bin-related reporting and application forms available. Below is a list of popular ones, however a full listing can be seen on the right hand side of this page.

Refuse, Recycling and Garden Waste Collection Dates

Your refuse, recycling and garden waste collection dates can be accessed via our new collection date finder.

Bins are emptied on the same day every week, including bank holidays. Christmas is the only time that collection days are altered, the dates are given on the Christmas pages.

Please read our garden waste collection page for more information on this scheme.

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How to present your bin for collection

Please ensure that your bin is out either the night before or at 6:00am at the latest!

Thank you for your co-operation.

See: News and Features

Bins should be ready by 6.00 a.m on your day of collection. If you do not do this your refuse, recycling or garden waste may not be collected. If this happens you are required to make your own arrangements to dispose of your waste free of charge at the Nuffield Household Waste Recycling Centre. Only those bins genuinely missed by the collection crews will be revisited. Please note collections will not be completed until 11:00 p.m on your day of collection.

Bins should be placed either:

  • (if your property fronts onto a road), adjacent to the pavement or in an easily accessible position in your garden not more than 1 metre from the pavement.
  • (if your property does not front onto a road), adjacent to the pavement alongside the nearest road that is accessible to a refuse collection vehicle.
  • for garden waste collection we recommend placing bins on the kerbside providing high visibility for the collection teams who will be working into the evening.

After the bin is emptied it will be returned to the position from which it was collected. If this does not happen please report this to us.

Bin lids must be closed and no extra bags, boxes or loose refuse will be collected. Any surplus waste can be disposed of at the Nuffield Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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When reporting a missed bin

If your waste is not collected as expected, first check if there are any collection problems for your area. Also check when your collection day is. Please report a missed bin collection using our on-line facility. Remember you must present your bin by 6:00 a.m we cannot guarantee a set collection time and therefore require all bins to be presented by this time.

Please note daily collections of refuse, recycling and garden waste are not usually completed before 11:00 p.m.

Before reporting a missed collection please check if the rest of your road has been serviced. There are a number of reasons why we may have been delayed on a particular day, for example access problems or vehicle breakdowns.

Please note: If your recycling has been contaminated, you will be responsible for transferring the contents of your blue bin into your black refuse bin which will have been emptied the previous working day.

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Access Issues

The collection crews will attempt to service every property on the round, however, parked cars, road works, narrow access and limited access to bin compounds may result in your refuse, recycling or garden bin being missed. If this is the case we will make every effort to return once access becomes available.

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Overweight Bins

Bins weighed down by large amounts of turf, wet grass, soil, brick, stone, plaster or other building material may break when being emptied, risking injury to the refuse collector. For this reason overweight bins will not be emptied.

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Damaged or Missing Bins

On occasions bins can become damaged, for example broken lid, axle or wheels become loose, or they may fall in the collection vehicle when being serviced. If this should happen, please report it to us using our on-line facility for a repair or replacement to be organised. You will be allocated a delivery date according to your postcode which will be confirmed to you by e-mail. We will attempt to repair any damaged bins but if this is not possible or the bin is missing we will provide you with new or refurbished bins. If you have a communal bin we will only need to arrange a date if your communal bins are stored in a locked compound or gate. There is a separate online form for communal bins.

Please note, all black bin replacements are now supplied as a small 140 litre refuse  bin and a large 240 litre recycling bin as standard. Blue bin replacements have the option to have a bin swap or to have a replacement small recycling bin. Additional capacity will be considered householders with medical conditions that generate extra waste.

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New bins at new properties

There will be a charge for refuse, recycling and green waste wheeled bins delivered to new properties. For details and prices please use the following link to the bins at new properties web page. After payment we will agree with you a convenient day for delivery of the new bins.

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The Volume of your Bin Contents

It is our policy to collect only the waste or recycling contained in your wheeled bin. This is in order to;

  • protect the health and safety of the collection crews
  • prevent windblown litter
  • avoid waste attracting vermin

Make sure that your bins are not overfull and that the lid closes. Overflowing material will fall out when the truck picks up the bin. Also, please do not try to force large pieces of acceptable cardboard into your bin as it could cause problems when emptying. Any excess material can be taken to Nuffield Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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Garden Waste

Householders participating in the garden waste collection scheme are provided with one 240 litre green bin. Any additional garden waste should either be treated at home in a home compost bin, taken to the Nuffield Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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Assisted Collection Service

If you are having difficulty moving your refuse, recycling or garden waste bin, you can apply for assistance.

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Collection Crew - Driving Laws

As of April 2007 it became a legal requirement for drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) undertaking waste collection services to take a mandatory 45 minute break during their working hours to comply with Operators Licence legislation.

As such, members of the public may notice our vehicles parked up at various times across the borough avoiding unnecessary downtime involved in returning to the Depot to take this legal break.

Please be assured that collections will resume as soon as these breaks have been completed. If you have an issue to do with a member of our collection crew then please report it to us.

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