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Your Borough Of Poole

Nuffield Household Waste Recycling Centre

Where is the site?

The HWRC is at 92-98 Nuffield Road, Poole. Use postcode BH17 0RS if you have a sat nav.

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What are the opening hours?

We have improved the service to residents and now provide longer opening hours at the site on certain days.

These hours will make it easier for residents to drop-off waste and recyclables on some days after they leave work.

Opening hours are:

Monday                      8:30am to 5pm*

Tuesday                     8:30am to 5pm*

Wednesday                8:30am to 6pm (7pm- 1st April - 30th September)

Thursday                    8:30am to 5pm*

Friday                         8:30am to 5pm*

Saturday                     8:30am to 5pm*

Sunday                       8:30am to 5pm*

  • *Winter opening hours (1st October-31st March):       8:30am to 5pm

  • *Summer opening hours (1st April- 30th September): 8.30am to 6pm

On Wednesdays there will be specific arrangements for larger vans (over 2.1m in height) with household waste to visit the site. These larger vans will not be able to visit the site on any other days.

The site is open every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Site operations may require that the site is closed on an as needs basis for the handling of any incidents.

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How do I access the site?

  • You will need to bring your Council Tax bill or other recent proof of Poole residency with you every time you visit the site.

  • The site has a one-way traffic flow with the entrance on the south side and a separate exit on the north side.

  • Dorset residents in certain areas can also apply for a permit to use the site, applications should be made to Dorset County Council, Dorset Waste Partnership. You must bring your permit with you and show it to a site assistant.

The tip entrance has two lanes.

Lane 1: Residents with cars, cars with trailers and small vans access the site via lane 1 under a height restriction which allows a maximum vehicle/trailer height of 2.1m (6ft 10”). This lane is available at all times that the site is open.

Lane 2: Larger vans and ‘flat bed’ vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes) need to enter via the second lane. These vehicles should pull up to the barrier in the second lane and if the gate is not open, use the intercom on the adjacent fence to request access via wider gates. This lane is available for use on Wednesdays only.

All vehicles leaving the site will exit via a separate lane on the north side of the site. Vehicles must give way to vehicles on Nuffield Road.

All vehicles must observe the no-entry, one-way and 5mph signs throughout the site.

Pedestrians and cyclists should access the site via a special gate by the vehicle entrance and use the pathway and road crossing along the south perimeter of the site to access the recycling bins and containers at the rear of the site. They should exit via the pathways that follow the vehicle exit around the back and northern side of the site.

Cyclists must dismount whilst in the site and push their cycles.

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What are the restrictions and why have them?

The height barrier, restricting access to vehicles with maximum height of 2.1m (6ft, 10”) high, is only on Lane 1 entry to the site which otherwise allows unhindered access.

Placing the height restriction allows the great majority of household vehicles, cars, cars with trailers, people carriers and small vans to quickly enter the site without being held back for other checks.

Trailers with trailer beds larger than 6 foot x 4 foot/ 1.2 metres x 1.8 metres are not allowed to enter the site due to potentially causing an obstruction to other site users.

It is illegal for traders or businesses to dispose of their trade waste at the HWRC which is only licensed to accept household waste from a council taxpayer's own property. Larger vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes) that cannot fit below the height barrier (2.1m) can access the site on Wednesdays only and need to use Lane 2, where it will be necessary to show that the waste they are carrying is genuine household waste from their own property. If the gate is not open then use the intercom on the adjacent post to request access.

Traders and businesses are allowed to legally dispose of trade waste by crossing the weighbridge to a different part of the site and making the appropriate charge.

The purpose of restricting high sided vehicles to a Wednesday is so that we can ensure there are sufficient staff on hand to assist with the removal of waste (larger vehicles carry significantly more waste as a rule) and thus ensure a quick turnaround of visitors. This has greatly reduced waiting times and ensured waste entering the site is properly segregated thus improving the possibility of items being recycled. To compensate for the fact that restrictions on size have been put in place, opening times have been extended beyond the average working day to enable people to access the site later.

In addition the site enables us to maximise staff efficiency costs by ensuring we are resourced for key times and not over-staffed during slacker periods. The restriction of high sided vehicles is a significant innovation which helps us to do this. To enable high sided vehicles to be allowed on site on other days would mean further staff have to be employed to operate the gates on a full time basis.

  • Children under the age of 16 must stay in the vehicle at all times.

  • Pets must also be kept in vehicles at all times.

  • Smoking is not allowed at any time anywhere on the site.

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What am I allowed to take to the site?

We ask you to help us recycle as much waste as possible by separating it and using different skips and containers marked at the site. If you are unsure where a particular item goes please ask a member of staff who will advise you. The following materials that are taken onto the site are recycled, composted, reused or recovered:

If you have a large amount of waste to dispose of you can either hiring a skip or taken to a commercial site.

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Do you have a public weighbridge?

The weighbridge is not available for private use. There are private sector businesses who have weighbridges which may allow private use, please contact them directly.

I am planning a visit, how should I pack my vehicle?

The site has a one-way traffic flow so it will help when you pack your waste and recyclables to pack them in reverse order of drop-off. This will enable you to drive around the site to drop off waste and recyclables and minimise the amount of walking backwards and forwards around the site. Click here to look at the layout of the site.

It will also reduce the risk that you miss a container bay for some of your waste and end up having to drive out of the site and re-entering it to drop off heavy waste.

Please check the current site information showing the site layout and what to drop off where. This information is displayed on a large information boards located by the Site Office.

The general order of bins, bays and containers is currently:

Firstly the lower level containers at back of the site:

Chargeable Waste
  • Vehicle tyres and tyres on wheels 

  • Asbestos

  • Plasterboard

  • Soil, rubble and ceramics (tiles, ceramic sinks etc.) – no plastic bags

  • Gas & LPG containers

Non-chargeable waste

  • White goods, fridges, washing machines etc.

  • Fluorescent tubes

  • TVs and computer monitors

  • Used engine oil and used cooking oil

  • Vehicle batteries and portable batteries

  • Textile banks for clothes, shoes
  • Hazardous waste/chemicals (opposite side of the road)

Secondly the elevated large container bays & walkways:

  • Cardboard / Paper
  • Wood and timber. No plastic bags please.
  • Garden waste - tree & plant prunings, grass cuttings, small trees and shrubs, leaves. No plastic bags please.
  • Hard plastics - e.g. plastic garden furniture, children's toys, plant pots
  • Non-recyclable waste - Please check that there is nothing included in this waste that could be recycled or reused.
  • Blue Bin recycling - paper, cardboard, tins & cans, plastic bottles and food containers, glass bottles & jars, food and drink cartons (Tetra-Paks), household aerosols
  • Small electrical items - e.g. kettles, irons, toasters, hairdryers

  • Scrap metal. Please do not put small electrical items in this container, please use the container marked for small electrical items.

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