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Haymoor Bottom nature reserve

Haymoor Bottom nature reserve

 Haymoor Bottom  nature reserve

 BH17 8TJ

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About this nature reserve

Haymoor Bottom is a heathland with unmade footpaths.

Historically the area was part of the larger Canford Heath, but is now broken up by housing.

Haymoor Bottom links to the larger Sherborn open space.

Visit the Poole's heathlands Facebook page.

Types of habitat

Haymoor Bottom is an area of open heathland and open grassland, with areas of landscaped woodland plantation and open water.

What to see

This is a good place to spot the common lizard, as people have spotted them basking on warm spring mornings.

The small, grassy heath is alive with: 

  • invertebrates
  • the Green Hairstreak butterfly
  • other common butterflies.

There is a small pond with: 

  • dragonflies and damselflies
  • frogs and newts.

The woodland fringes also attract typical woodland birds.


There is limited parking on roads near the reserve.


Your dog must be on a short lead during bird breeding, 1 March - 31 July, or when livestock are near.

Remember to keep dogs under close control and to pick up after them.


You can access Haymoor Bottom from Sherborn Crescent and Verity Crescent.


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