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Broadstone Heath nature reserve

Broadstone Heath nature reserve

 Broadstone Heath  nature reserve

 Charborough Road
 Poole, BH18 8EA

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About this nature reserve

This area is a mixture of heath and woodland with many footpaths, and offers superb views over Poole.

Broadstone heath is just North of Broadstone Recreation Ground, stretching between Charborough and Fontmell Roads and is a more informal heathland area between the playing fields and the cricket pitch. 

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Types of habitat

Broadstone Heath possesses remnants of the extensive heathland which until recently covered the majority of the Poole Basin.

It now consists of approximately 40% dry and wet heath, and 60% mixed woodland.

What to see

Common woodland species; occasional sightings of the Dartford warbler in the small area of heath.

You may spot the more common reptiles on this site.


There is limited parking at the end of Charborough Road.

Car parking is available off the Lower Blandford Road and off Dunyeats Road.


Your dog must be on a short lead during bird breeding, 1 March - 31 July, or when livestock are near.

Remember to keep dogs under close control and to pick up after them.


Access points to the site are:

  • two points to the north-west, adjacent to the children's playground
  • by footpath from Westcroft Park
  • from a gap between properties in Fontmell Road and Whitchurch Avenue
  • by footpath off Sharlands Close and three points from the formal playing fields.

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