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Bourne Valley nature reserve

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 Bourne Valley  nature reserve

 Turbary Road, Alderney

 Poole, BH12 4JP

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About this nature reserve

Bourne Valley nature reserve is made up of parts of Bourne Bottom and Bourne Valley park.

Parts of this site are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest because of their rare heathland wildlife.

Visit the Poole's heathlands Facebook page.

Types of habitat

  • dry acid dwarf shrub heath
  • wet heath
  • valley mire
  • flush
  • bog pools
  • ponds
  • running water
  • willow carr
  • secondary oak/birch woodland
  • acidic grassland
  • pasture grassland
  • amenity grassland. 

What to see

The area is renowned as one of the best sites in Dorset for dragonflies which abound in the small acidic pools on the wet heath. 

Visitors often spot: 

  • sand lizards
  • dragonflies 
  • the Dartford Warbler.


There is very limited parking on roads nearby.


Your dog must be on a short lead during bird breeding, 1 March - 31 July, or when livestock are near.

Remember to keep dogs under close control and to pick up after them.


There are seventeen access points to Bourne Valley. 

The main ones are from: 

  • Evering Avenue
  • Bloxworth Road
  • St Brelades Avenue.

There are excellent walking and cycle links along the Bourne Valley Greenway between north Poole and Bournemouth.


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