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Your Borough Of Poole

Uppleby Road Play Area

Uppleby Road
Upper Parkstone

BH12 3DB

Ward - Newtown

Email: environment@poole.gov.uk

Enquiries: 01202 261700

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Uppleby Road Play Area

This playground was completely redesigned and improved as part of the playbuilder project in 2010.

The old climbing frame (see below) and swings were retained and repainted and with the addition of new equipment including a Hags-smp buddy swing, an aeroskate, a Gyrospiral (spinning see-saw) all supplied by Proludic,  a small revolving dish and a Tayplay spinning cone climber supplied by Sutcliffe Play to provide a range of new play experiences for children aged 3 to 14 years old.

Some re-landscaping was carried out using the excavated spoil for the installation works provides different ground contours and interest to this play area.

Picnic tables have been provided to extend the time that families may use this area for informal leisure.

The play area was opened by the Mayor of Poole Councillor Charles Meachin on Friday 9th April 2010

The play equipment in this play area was manufactured and installed to comply with current safety standards applying at the time of installation and all items of equipment are provided with a safer surface where required.

The play equipment and the immediate surrounding areas are inspected on a regular basis. An annual inspection is also carried out by an independent qualified organisation that prepares a safety audit and a report to enable the Council to plan long term maintenance and renewal. 

The site is locked at dusk each night by local residents to prevent anti-social behaviour.

Access to the site is from Uppleby Road where there is some limited car parking, we encourage the use of all our facilities by everyone.


As part of the on going Newtown Ward improvements as of Monday 30 March 2015 a new Hags/Smp DDA compliant "Ark" springer has been installed close to the new Proludic Diabolo multi- play unit. This further widens the age range and offers a new play experience for younger children. See picture below  

Multi-Play Unit
Multi-Play Unit
Uppleby Road Play Area
Buddy Swing
Uppleby Road Play Area
Spinning Bowl
Spinning / Rocking Bowl

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we could improve this facility for you. 

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Uppleby Road Play Area
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Uppleby Road Play Area
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Uppleby Road Play Area
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Uppleby Road Ark Springy
Ark Springy