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Selkirk Close Play Area

Selkirk Close



BH21 1TP                                            

Ward - Merley & Bearwood

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Selkirk Close Play Area
Selkirk Close Fenced Play Area

This play area was enlarged and completely redesigned and improved using mostly equipment and a design supplied by Sutcliffe as part of the second wave of playbuilder projects - read more about Playbuilder projects.

A natural trail leads from the fenced play area through the surrounding wooded area to a large curved bank slide, a buddy swing, cableway and a spinning dish.

Extra junior swings, a hammock and a stone compass circle has been installed to widen the play experience for all ages. 

The area now attracts local families for picnics and informal gatherings while their children enjoy the improved facilities. 

The play area at Selkirk Close was completed and opened on the 24th June 2011.

The play equipment in this play area was manufactured and installed to comply with current safety standards applying at the time of installation and all items of equipment are provided with a safer surface where required.

The play equipment and the immediate surrounding areas are inspected on a regular basis. An annual inspection is also carried out by an independent qualified organisation that prepares a safety audit and a report to enable the Council to plan long term maintenance and renewal.

The play area is situated in the centre of the large Merley estate and is easily accessible via the good local footpath network with access from Lynwood Drive, Selkirk Close and Ice Lane. Car parking is available in a number of local roads.

Selkirk Close Play Area
Climbing Frame & Slide
Selkirk Close Play Area
Cradle Swings
Selkirk Close Playhouse & Slide
Playhouse & Slide
Selkirk Close Play Area
Three Seat Springer & Play House
Selkirk Close Play Area
Junior Swings
Selkirk Close Play Area
Wide Bank Slide
Selkirk Close Play Area
Equipment in Natural Setting
Selkirk Close Hammock & Swings
Hammock & Swings
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Selkirk Close Stone Circle
Stone Circle Compass
Selkirk Close Junior Swings
Junior Swings
Selkirk Close Play Area
Cable Slackline
Selkirk Close Slide
4.5 Metre Curved Bank Slide
Selkirk Close Play Area
Buddy Swing
Selkirk Close Play Area
Selkirk Close Play Area
Oyster Large Inclusive Rotating Dish

We encourage the use of all our facilities by everyone. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we could improve this facility for you.

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