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Creekmoor Ponds

Petersham Road

BH17 7DQ

Creekmoor Ponds

Creekmoor Ponds are located in Creekmoor (west of Petersham Road and east of Woodpecker Drive) and consist of approximately 14 acres of public open space. Historically, this site once consisted of heathland, woodland and bog. Between 1920 and 1950, extraction of the underlying sand reserves was carried out by the Dorset Brick and Stone Company Ltd. This left a large pit and spoil area, which subsequently flooded to form the present two ponds.

Apart from the two major ponds the area consists of semi-mature woodland, scrub, rough grassland and remnant heathland.

The area is popular with local residents exercising dogs, walkers, anglers, BMX/mountain bikes and as an informal play area for children.

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