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Flooding FAQ's

What should I do if a road/entry gulley is blocked?

Road drainage gullies may fail to cope with very heavy rain for a short period due to the capacity of the drain or the level of the water table in the area at the time.

However, if the gulley appears to be blocked by leaves/pine needles, or is not allowing water to drain away, you may wish, if it safe to do so, try and clear the blockage or contact us using our report it form or phone us on  01202 265255 so we can arrange for the gulley to be cleared by our Highways team.

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How do I report flooding on the road, pavement or subway?

If the road, pavement or subway is flooded with clean water and it is not due to a blocked gulley, you should contact us using our report it form or by phone us on  01202 265255 so our Highways team can investigate.

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Where can I get sandbags, or where can I get further help if the sandbags I have are not working?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide sandbags for you. Sandbags can be purchased from larger DIY stores. If the sandbags are not effective this document may be able to advise you.

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How do I report flooding in the park or on an open space?

Some areas of Poole are subject to a high water table and it is not cost effective for us to resolve the problems in these areas.

Should your query relate to an area which is not detailed within our Known Problem Areas list please contact us so our Open Spaces team can investigate or phone us on 01202 265265.

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How do I report flooding from a toilet?

In a private property this is the responsibility of the owner. The Council has no responsibility for the clearance of blockages in private drains or public sewers other than in very specific circumstances.

For problems with public toilets you should report it to us online or phone us on  01202 261700 to arrange for inspection by our the Public Health team.

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What do I do if my garden is flooded?

Land drainage issues are the responsibility of the owner. If flooding is contaminated with sewage this constitutes a Public Health issue. 

If the water is coming from a Council owned open space please can you report it online or phone us on 01202 261700. The Public Health team will then arrange to inspect the problem within 24hrs.

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If I have a problem with flooding, and heavy rain is predicted, where can I get advice about further action to take?

Contact the Environment Agency or, in the case of flooding on roads, contact the Highways Agency .

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What are the known problem areas?

There are some problem areas that we know about that have drainage/flooding issues from time to time.

  • County Gates
  • Maryland Road / Middlebere Crescent area
  • Oakdale South Road Middle School
  • Sandbanks Road and Whitecliff Open Space
  • Shore Road / Banks Road Junction
  • West Quay Road - Poole Old Town by the Quay

It is not always cost effective to resolve these issues in these named areas as most are solved when the weather conditions improve or when a high tide abates.

If you know of any other problem areas that we should know about, please contact us on 01202 261700

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