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Corfe Hills Nature Reserve

Higher Blandford Road

BH18 8BJ 

Corfe Hills Nature Reserve

Corfe and Barrow Hills lies in the Broadstone area, to the north of the Borough of Poole, in the county of Dorset. Additional local names for this area include 'Rushcombe Bottom' and 'Broadstone Golf Course' - the latter referring to the golf links which crosses through the heathland.

All the Borough of Poole heathland area is public open space, and therefore has open access to the public. The continuity of heathland and access between the sites is, however, prevented by the fairways of Broadstone Golf Course.

Corfe Hills can be accessed:

- from the west along the Roman Road or from the north along a lane from Ashington (cars can be parked along the lane or beside the pump station in Rushcombe Bottom)

-via a made-up track which runs north-east through the site (cars can be parked at the start of the track, to the south, off the B3074)

-via a pathway, immediately west of the Broadstone Golf Club clubhouse -this runs north from the disused railway line and into the south-east corner of the site.

Corfe and Barrow Hills comprise three sections of semi-natural heathland lying on undulating high ground, which form part of a larger heathland site. Dominating the site are the sands and gravels of the Bournemouth Freshwater and Bournemouth Marine Gravels. This site, in conjunction with Dunyeats Hill nearby, forms the remaining link between the larger heathland blocks of Canford and Upton Heaths.

It is a popular area used for information recreations and by walkers (with and without dogs).

Ease of access for people with disabilities:

We encourage the use of all our facilities by everyone. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we could improve this facility for you. 

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