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Pet Micro-Chipping

The benefits of pet micro-chipping

Micro-chipping makes permanent identification of your pet simple.

You are issued with a certificate proving you are the owner in case your pet does go missing so that you can be re-united as quickly as possible.   This is especially important now that Pets have Passports.

From April 2016 you will be required by law to have your dog microchipped.

For further information or to book an appointment please contact us on Tel: 01202 261700.

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About the pet microchip

The pet microchip:

  • is the size of a grain of rice.
  • is quick and easy to implant.
  • is painless and requires no anaesthetic, whatever the species of animal.
  • has its own unique number.  Your pets, and, your details are registered against this number, and held on a central database for the life of your pet.

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What happens if your cat or dog goes missing

If a cat or dog is found and handed to us, it will be scanned to reveal its microchip number.  We will then contact the database to obtain the owner's details, and contact the owner to inform them we have their pet 

It is therefore important that owners ensure their contact details are kept up to date.

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Updating your microchip details

In order to update the details of the microchip, for example a change of address, phone number or change of owner, please contact the database company to which the pet is registered. If you are not sure which database your pet's chip is registered with, visit www.check-a-chip.co.uk

The four main databases in the UK are:

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Arranging for your pet to be micro-chipped

A chip fitted now will give identification for life.   Get your cat or dog chipped by us for £20.00.   Ask about micro-chipping, and ensure your pet will never be missed. 

For more information or to book an appointment please contact us using the details to the top right of this page or e-mail us

Please note:    The Borough of Poole only microchips cats and dogs.  For all other species microchipping please contact your vet.

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