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There are many dog related reporting and application forms available. Below is a list of popular ones: 

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Found a stray dog?

If you have found a stray dog, please contact Environmental Services. You will be asked to describe the dog and a Consumer Protection Officer will come and collect it.

  • Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, or Fridays 9am to 4.30pm - please call 01202 261700.

  • Saturday and Sunday 8am to 5pm - please call 0800 506050.

If you find a dog outside the above hours you will need to phone 0800 506050 to report it. You will be asked to keep the dog overnight, or take it to our local designated vet - details will be provided.

We keep a register of reported dogs. Enquiries will be matched to re-unite stray dogs and owners. If the current owner does not claim the dog, it will be re-housed with a suitable owner after seven days.

There is no stray dog service on Christmas Eve night, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day.

Please note: The Police no longer take responsibility for stray dogs and will not accept them at the Police station.

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Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog please phone us on:

  • Tel: 01202 261700, Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm or Friday 9am to 4:30pm

  • Tel: 0800 506050 outside of these hours.

or you can use our online reporting form.

You will be asked for a description of your dog. If we have your dog you will be re-united with it as soon as possible. Please note you will be charged a fee on its return. See below for fees you may be charged.

  • Return of stray dog to owner (1st occasion) - £36.00 (including free chip if permission granted)

  • Return of stray dog to owner (2nd occasion) - £51.00
  • Micro-chipping of animal - £20.00
  • Delivery of stray dog to owner - £18.00
  • Kennelling charges - £12.00 for first day, £14.00 for subsequent days. 
  • Vaccinations - we use a number of rescue organisations and, occasionally boarding kennels, to kennel stray dogs. Some of these organisations require dogs to be vaccinated whilst in their care.  Where this is necessary the owner will be liable for the fee.
  • Veterinary fees - if your dog has required veterinary treatment whilst in our care you will be liable for this.

We also advise you to contact:

  • the neighbouring councils particularly if you live near council borders.
  • local rescue centres and veterinary surgeries  
  • If your dog has been missing more than 24 hours we also suggest you contact DogLost UK.

Please note – If you do not claim your dog after seven days of us retaining it, the dog will be  transferred to a local rescue charity for re-homing.

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Preventing your dog from becoming a stray

From April 2016 it is be a legal requirement for your dog to be microchipped. Failure to do so is an offence. 

Further details on our Pet Micro-Chipping page.

The law also requires that your dog wear a collar identification tag at ALL times whilst in a public place. Failure to do so is an offence.

If a member of the public finds your dog they can return it to you without our Officers becoming involved. This saves you paying a fee and reduces stress for your dog.

Having your dog microchipped does not eliminate the need for it to wear a collar and tag.

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Dangerous breeds

It is an offence to own or keep the following dog types unless they are on the index of exempted dogs and comply with its requirements:

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Braziliero

Should you have one of these types of dogs it must be on the index of exempt dogs and kept in accordance with its requirements including keeping it on a lead and muzzled when in a public place. For more information see "The Control of Dogs" in the Animal Welfare part of DEFRA’s website.

If you do not meet these requirements you may be found guilty of a criminal offence and a Court may order the animal to be destroyed. 

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Dog attacks and nuisance dogs 

  • In most cases where a dog has attacked a human, you should contact the Police on 101. 

  • If the attack is severe and you consider it to be an emergency then call 999.

  • If you believe that a dog is dangerously out of control and there is a threat of injury or fear for your safety then you should contact the Police on 101.

Please note that less severe matters may be referred to the dog warden.

Dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their dogs are kept under proper control at all times so as not to cause a nuisance, or a danger, to people or other animals.

All dogs should be trained to a basic obedience level. We expect owners to know how their dog will behave when coming across people, animals, or environments it is not familiar with.

If you are aware your dog can be aggressive, or hard to control, in any of these situations, you are expected to take any necessary precautions to prevent your dog harming or annoying other people or their animals.

If your dog or other animal is attacked by another dog, or you witness such an attack, please contact us on (01202) 261700 during the hours:

◾9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday,

◾9am to 4.30pm Friday.

If the incident happens outside these hours please call 0800 506050.

Alternatively you can report it.

If your dog has been attacked it is a good idea to:

  • check both dogs thoroughly for any wounds
  • seek veterinary treatment as soon as possible if there are obvious injuries or if the attack was severe (there may be internal injuries)
  • stop exercising your dog as the movement may cause any smaller tears to enlarge rapidly
  • take down the other parties details in case it is needed for insurance or prosecution purposes

You may wish to read our Dog Attacks and Nuisance Dog FAQs for further information.

The RPSCA has some good advice on what to do when you meet an unfamiliar dog.

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Noisy dogs

We can investigate complaints about dog noise and if the problem is persistent serve abatement notices on owners requiring them to keep their dog’s noise to an acceptable level.

Failure to comply with such a notice is a criminal offence and if a problem persists we can obtain a court warrant and seize the dog pending a court case.

We do not expect dogs not to make any noise and can provide advice on minimising dog barking. The Dogs Trust charity provide written advice on dog barking as well as dog welfare on their website. If you should not wish to register and donate to them we can send you a copy of their dog barking leaflet.

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Some dogs need space - Yellow Dog UK scheme

The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring awareness to dogs who need space whilst training, recovering from surgery or dogs being rehabilitated.

There are many reasons why a dog may need space:

  1. it may have health issues

  2. it may be a rescue dog being rehabilitated

  3. it may have had a bad experience with another dog or it just doesn't like an over friendly dog that always wants to say ‘Hi’

  4. a bitch might be in heat

  5. the dog maybe in training

  6. it may be very nervous and other dogs may cause it to be stressed.

In short, a yellow marker/ribbon/bandana or vest on a dog means it needs some space 

For more information please visit www.yellowdoguk.co.uk  

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