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Dead Animals

What we can do

  • Collect dead animals* from council land or private land if it is bagged and placed by a front gate or driveway.

What we don’t do

  • Provide a free service for removing dead animals from elsewhere in your property.

  • Collect small birds, rodents, hedgehogs, or rabbits,  which can be disposed of in your refuse bin or buried.

How you can help

What to do if you find a dead animal

We will collect and dispose of the following types of dead animals* from council land or private land:

  • foxes

  • badgers

  • dogs

  • cats

  • deer

*This service does not include family pets that have died. Please contact a vet in this circumstance.

If you want us to collect the animal from elsewhere in the property we will charge for this service. At present the fee has been set at £18.00. Please call us for further details.

Contact us

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01202 261700

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