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Radiation Protection Advice Service

All governing bodies/schools of Secondary phase have a statutory duty to ensure they have an RPA affiliated to their school for the purposes of overseeing the safe storage and use of radiation sources. This falls within the Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999.

This service provides an alternative less costly way of complying with these regulations by acting as an identified link with the RPA to fulfil the role of RPO

The RPO is an approved method for schools to use as an ‘official intermediary’ thereby drastically reducing the cost of fulfilling the statutory need for an RPA directly linked to schools. The RPO is in regular contact with the RPA and acts on his/her behalf and under their direction.

Provision of:

  • annual membership to the CLEAPSS LA run RPA scheme*

  • a site visit every 2-3 years (dependant on historical risk assessment ) to carry out monitoring of the schools implementation of the L93 CLEAPSS guidance booklet

  • access via the RPO to a named RPA for both proactive and reactive expert advice

*Schools are only able to purchase the CLEAPSSRPA Service when they have membership of CLEAPSS through a LA, as CLEAPSS does not sell its RPA Service directly to schools. Therefore, this service may only be purchased together with CLEAPSS membership.

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This service is managed by:

Jeff Morley
Environmental and Consumer Protection Team Manager


01202 261710

Delivery of service:

Corporate Health & Safety Team
The Stable Block
Council Offices
BH21 4HN


01202 280740

07533 097270