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Preparing and Presenting Admisson Appeal Service

Children, Young People & Learning provide an effective, efficient and comprehensive service in preparing and presenting admission appeals on behalf of the school.

Services to be provided to the school:

  • to research and prepare Admission Appeal statements (including appendices and maps) in liaison with the school for each appeal within the required timescale

  • to attend the Admission Appeal and present the case on behalf of the school.

Borough of Poole – Children, Young People & Learning will:

  • ensure confidentiality in its relationships and dealings with the school and parents/guardians of all students for whom the service is provided

  • ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act

  • ensure that the qualifications and expertise of staff providing support to the school is commensurate with the work undertaken

  • ensure appropriate management of this Service Level Agreement. The Strategy Manager, Admissions, Exclusions & Awards (Tel: 01202 261910) is the point of contact for the school on matters concerning the management of the Service Level Agreement

  • be available during normal business hours, Monday to Friday

  • respond to all non-urgent enquiries within 10 working days, all urgent enquiries within 1 day, investigate/respond to any complaints about the service within 2 working days.

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Contact us

Vicky Wales
Head of Children, Young People & Learning


01202 262251

Julie Gale
Strategy Manager, Admissions, Exclusions & Awards


01202 261910

Angie Hill
Education Officer, Admissions & Exclusions


01202 261912

Helen Lewis
Information Officer, Admissions


01202 261978