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Information Management Service

This service raises awareness of information governance and records management responsibilities and will specifically:

  • help schools comply with their duty under the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts.

Information governance helps ensure necessary safeguards are in place to allow personal information to be used appropriately and within the law. It is the holistic approach to managing information with sound systems and controls.

Records management deals with the creation, retention, disposal and sharing of records.

The service will be tailored to meet individual needs. We can:

  • undertake tailored information management projects on site
  • provide guidance and advice and/or develop policy and procedures to help ensure compliance with the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts
  • help develop and implement robust systems for handling and responding to subject access and freedom of information requests
  • deliver training to staff and governors.

Other parties, both internal and external, may be commissioned to support this delivery as needs arise.

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Bridget West
Corporate Communications & Information Manager


01202 633085

Information & Performance Officers


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