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Applying For A School Place - Normal Year Of Entry

Applying for a School Place for September 2015

You have the right to express a preference for the school you would prefer your child to attend in September 2015.

The published closing dates are:

  • Admission to Reception – 15 January 2015 (closed)
  • Transfer to Junior and Middle School – 15 January 2015 (closed)
  • Transfer to Secondary School – 31 October 2014 (closed)

Before completing your application, it is recommended that you read the following:

You must apply to the Local Authority where you live, even if the schools you are applying for are in another area.

There are two ways to make your application:

  • By applying online
  • By completing a paper application form, available from your home Local Authority or for Poole residents from your child's current Poole school.

Some of the benefits of applying online are:

  • It is quick and easy to use
  • You can apply from home 24 hours a day
  • You can apply right up until the closing date
  • There is no risk of your application being lost in the post
  • You will receive an email to confirm that your application has been received
  • You will be able to view the outcome of your application online

If you are a Poole resident you can apply online using the online application form. You must have your own email address to create an account and apply online.

If you apply online you can login to your account and view the result of your application on the notification date. 

Alternatively you can complete a paper application form for transfer to Secondary or Junior/Middle and admission to Reception.

If you are resident outside of the Borough of Poole, you should contact your home Local Authority for details of how to apply:

If you wish to apply for a place at a school in Poole on religious grounds, you must download and complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). 

You need to ask your priest or minister to complete and return it to School Admissions by the published closing date. If you are a Poole resident applying for a school outside of Poole on religious grounds, you must contact the school direct to ask what you need to do.

There is a new junior school scheduled to open in September 2015 and it will be called Ocean Academy Poole. There was a separate application to complete.

If you apply for Ocean Academy Poole you should also complete a transfer to junior school form for up to 3 other junior schools.

The closing dates for Reception, Junior and Middle are 15 January 2015, and the transfer to Secondary closing date is 31 October 2014.

Applications received after the published closing dates will be processed after all the on time applications. This may mean that regularly over-subscribed schools are full before late applications are considered.

When will I be told about the outcome of my application?

Parents who apply online will be able to login to the website and view the result of their application on the notification date:

  • Admission to Reception – 16 April 2015
  • Transfer to Middle School –  16 April 2015
  • Transfer to Secondary School – 2 March 2015

Parents who have submitted an on time paper application will be notified of the outcome by post. The letter will be posted by first class mail on the published notification date.

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