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Applying For A School Place - In Year

Admission to a school part way through the school year or starting at a school in September in any year group other than the normal year of entry for the school is known as an 'in-year' admission.

The 'normal year of entry' for a school is the year group that the youngest children start at the school. This is different for different types of school. The normal years of entry for schools in Poole are:

  • Infant, First and Primary schools – the Reception year 
  • Junior/ Middle schools – Year 3 (except Broadstone Middle which is Year 5) 
  • Secondary schools – Year 7 (except Corfe Hills which is Year 9) 

If you want to apply for your child to start at the beginning of the school year in any year group other than those listed above or to start part way through the school year your application will be an 'in-year' admission.

Download and fill in the School Admissions In Year Entry form to apply for a place. 

If you are applying for a place at a school in Poole on religious grounds you must complete a Supplementary Information Form and return it with your application form. 

If you wish to apply for a school in another Local Authority area you will need to contact the Local Authority where the school is located and ask what you need to do.

The reasons for wanting a child to start at a school outside the normal year of entry are usually:

  • Moving to Poole from outside the area
  • Wishing to change from one Poole school to another because of a change of address 
  • Wishing to change Poole schools for personal or educational reasons. 

Please be aware that some of the schools in Poole are already full and moving into an area does not mean that a place will be available at the catchment school or any other school.

Before completing your application, it is recommended that you read the following:

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