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Getting to School or College

Research has shown that up to 20 percent of peak-time traffic is due to the 'school run'.

Many of our schools have written action plans that aim to promote healthy and active travel, such as walking and cycling. This will reduce parking problems and the risks to people walking and cycling close to schools.

You may have already seen some of the benefits, including:

  • 'Walking Buses' that allow you, as busy parents, to let your children walk to schools with trained adult volunteers.
  • Walk to School campaigns, with prizes, that show how easy walking is.
  • New and improved pedestrian facilities on routes to school or across school grounds.
  • Special 20 miles per hour school zones.
  • Special free car parking arrangements with supermarkets that are close to schools.
  • Cycle to school promotions with the Bike It Officer.
  • Funding to pay for cycle storage and other facilities.
  • Dedicated road safety lessons for younger children.
  • Assessments of the roads around all schools.

You can find out more about getting to school or college:

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