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Every Disabled Child Matters

In May 2007 the the Government introduced the Aiming High for Disabled Children Strategy.

This outlined how services for disabled children and their families should be transformed, increasing and improving the support and services available.

We are committed to the principles of Aiming High and we are working hard to achieve the core offer.

As part of our commitment we have signed the Every Disabled Child Matters Charter.

This charter has been produced by a group of national charities. It sets out a number of core standards that local authorities should be achieving.

In Poole we have achieved some of the Every Disabled Child Matters standards and we are working hard to meet the others. For information on our progress you can see each pledge below.

Pledge - Disabled Children in our area

We know how many disabled children live in our area and that all agencies in our area are planning services on the basis of this knowledge.


  • Some data is available and used for planning.
  • A register of disabled children is to be developed to improve understanding of local need.
  • We aim to have this in place by November 2009.

Pledge - Early Support and Keyworker Scheme

There is a Keyworker Service in our authority providing support to families who are accessing more than one specialist service


  • We have an Early Support and a Keyworker Scheme in place but it is not universal.
  • Further work is needed to increase Keyworker numbers and to develop local standards and practice.
  • Keyworkers are used for children up to the age of 5 years. After this a Lead Professional undertakes the co-ordinating role.
  • We aim to have the Early Years Support model fully-embedded across all partner agencies by January 2010.

Pledge - Parent Partnership Service

Our Parents Partnership Service is sufficiently resourced to provide advice, information and support to parents of disabled children and young people who have been excluded from school.


  • The Parent Partnership Service is well-established and operating in an ‘arms-length’ arrangement to ensure independence.
  • The standard outlined in the pledge has been achieved.

Pledge - Accurate and timely information

Parents and carers are getting accurate and timely information and advice on the full range of services available to them and their families.


We are aiming to achieve this pledge, in part, through the:

  • Family Information Service
  • Parent Partnership Service (PoPPs)

The duties under Integrated Youth Support and Sure Start are still in development.

Pledge - Disability Equality Training

All staff have received both disability equality training and training to ensure that they have core competencies to work with disabled children; relevant staff have received specialist training and other staff know how to contact them for information.


  • We provide core equality and diversity training for all our staff.
  • Core Induction Standards for all staff working with children are being developed.
  • Autism Focus Group provides lead for specialist Autism training.
  • The standard for this pledge is an ongoing objective.

Pledge - Disability Equality Scheme

Disabled children are involved in drawing up our Disability Equality Scheme and also in monitoring its effectiveness in eliminating discrimination.


  • Disabled children were involved in producing the Disability Equality Scheme via the ‘Independence Day’ event.
  • Monitoring of effectiveness will take place within the Children's Trust Children and Young People's Shadow Board.
  • The standard for this pledge has been achieved.

Pledge - Children and Young People's Plan

Our Children and Young People’s Plan explains how we will provide specialist services and also make all universal services including extended schools and children’s centres accessible to disabled children.


  • Disabled Children is one of the 6 key priorities detailed in our Children and Young People’s Plan.
  • We are a Pathfinder Authority for introducing improved short breaks services. This is allowing us to deliver services to a much wider range of children.
  • The standard for this pledge has been achieved.

Pledge - Local Area Agreement

Our Local Area Agreement includes targets for the level of service to be delivered to families with a disabled child.


  • The Local Area Agreement includes a target to increase the numbers of Key workers for young children with complex needs.
  • The standard for this pledge has been achieved.

Pledge - Plan, Commission and Monitor Services

Disabled children and families are involved in the planning, commissioning and monitoring of services in our area, including both specialist and universal services.


Good progress is being made in this area:

  • A Parent/Carer SEN Forum has been established, and facilitated by a local voluntary organisation, under contract from the Borough.
  • A Consultation Strategy is to be developed.
  • We are aiming to fully-achieve this pledge by June 2009.

You can contact us for more information.

Poole Parents / Carers Special Needs Forum

The Forum aims to improve services for children and young people and their families. To find out how you can get involved in the Forum, you can visit the website.

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