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Your Borough Of Poole

What risks should you plan for

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Emergencies are unlikely, but if you have an understanding of the risks that could affect your daily life, you can take a few small steps to prepare your family, your home, your community and your business for the unexpected things that can cause disruption to daily life.

These are some of the risks that can affect our daily lives:

  • severe weather e.g. snow and ice, heavy rain and flooding, hot weather and heatwaves, storms and gales
  • fires and heath fires
  • loss of utilities e.g. gas supply
  • infectious diseases

We would encourage you to look at any specific risk to you, your family, your home or your business: 

  • are you in a flood risk zone?
  • do you live next to or adjacent to any heath land?
  • are there any industrial sites close by?