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Your Borough Of Poole

Prepare your community for emergencies

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In nearly all cases, emergencies are dealt with by the emergency services, the council and the major utilities. However, there may be circumstances, such as extensive flooding, heavy snow or severe storm damage where the arrival of the emergency services could be delayed or stretched to capacity, or when essential utilities and highways access may be compromised. 

Community Resilience isn't about doing the work of the emergency services or the council; it's about supporting your community and those in it by making sensible preparations and by using the skills and knowledge already in the community. 

Being prepared and able to respond to an emergency can often help people recover more quickly.

We are fortunate here in Poole; services such as schools, shops and other essential services are close at hand, unlike the more remote rural areas of Dorset, where these services can be some distance. However Community Resilience and planning can help any community be better prepared.