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Prepare your business for emergencies

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If you own or are responsible for a business or organisation, have you considered the impact of an emergency or disruption on your business? 

Every year a number of businesses fail because they were not prepared for the expected or the unexpected, with the loss of work and income for the owners, employees, supporting businesses and community.

How would your organisation cope with:

  • sudden and significant reduction in staff
  • denial of access to your building, one of your sites or a whole geographical area
  • unexpected loss of mains electricity, gas or water
  • significant disruption to transport
  • disruption to the availability of fuel
  • loss of telecommunications or internet
  • loss or disruption to your computer systems
  • disruption which affects your key suppliers or partners
  • a key supplier suddenly going into liquidation.

Business continuity and resilience is the processes, procedures and plans that you put in place to help your business cope with the impact of an emergency on your business.